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It depends on how big the mosque is and where it is.

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7 years

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Q: How long it took to build the blue mosque in turkey?
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How long did it take to build the mosque of djingareiber?

9 months

Can Muslims build a mosque on private property when they are unwanted?

United StatesYes. Inherent to the rights we have in the United States is the freedom to practice one's own brand of religion on private property free from interference from the government or other citizens. Therefore, Muslims have the legal right to build a mosque on private property as long as the proper permits can be obtained. Whether the choice to build a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center is the right choice is another issue and that issue can certainly be debated.

Who was theBuilder of the grand mosque in Mecca?

king Fahd expanded the grand mosque but the grand mosque was built a very long time ago.

What are the concerns of a new mosque in New York City?

Well, since there people attacked ours, Americans are probably going to attack there's. Somebody already peed in one of there mosque to show hatred for what they are building there near ground zero (a 13 story high mosque) I'm not sure what people are going to do but there have been protest and I don't think it's gonna be there long, if they even build it. Sorry 13 story high mosque.

How did Muslim buildings of worship evolve into its present day form of the mosque?

They have always been mosque's.... You can have a mosque in a home... it is just a place of worship for Muslims........ as long as the space is clean and there are no pictures ect

How long do mosque sessions last?

7 hours a day!

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