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It normally takes someone about 8 years of school to become a doctor

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2011-07-22 21:24:34
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Q: How long must you stay in college to become a doctor?
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Studies needed to become a doctor after 12th?

To become a doctor, after high school you must go to college, and then go to medical school.

What is the degree that pediatrician gets after college?

After college you must become a medical doctor, and then complete an accredited residency program to become a pediatrician.

What is the GPA you must have maintain your goals to have to become a doctor in college?

A B to A GPA should do it.

How long must you attend college to become an mortician?

four years

What college degree do you need to become a gynecologist?

You first have to attend medical school to become a medical doctor, then you must study the specialty of gynecology

Do you needa technical collage degree to be a doctor?

A medical doctor degree is not a technical college degree. A doctor must get a degree from a medical school. Then, they need to complete an internship and residency to become a doctor. A technical college is for positions under the doctor's supervision, such as a phlebotomist.

How do you become a medical doctor in USA?

To become a medical doctor in USA, one must successfully complete 4 years of college and an additional 4 years of medical school. An internship and residency requirements will follow.

Why do physicians go to college for 12 years?

To become a physician (MD), on must have completed 4 years of college in excellent standing, attend 4 years of medical school, and serve 3-5 years as a resident in a hospital setting. This long period of training is believed necessary to become a competent and knowledgeable doctor.

How do you become a children's doctor?

To become a pediatrician, a doctor that specializes in treating children, one must first go to medical school. One must then complete a pediatrics residency.

What education is required to become an baby doctor?

to become a baby doctor you must go to baby doctor school Go to uab go ALABAMA!!!!!!!!! we are #1

Doctor of pharmcy can become doctor?

Yes, PharmD stands for Doctor of Pharmacy, but for a Doctor of Pharmacy to become a medical physician, he or she must complete medical school after finishing their PharmD degree.

How many years of college must you do to become a waitress?


What must you study to become a college physics professor?


What high school graduation degree should you achieve to become a doctor?

There is no "degree" in high school. You complete your 4 years or you don't and at the end you get a diploma. To become a doctor you must attend college after high school and that is 12+ years of school for a medical degree.

Will you be a doctor?

To become a doctor you must really love taking care of people. If you really do want to become a doctor, just follow your dreams, you can achieve anything you want to.

What college classes do you have to take to become a counselor?

There are quite a few different college classes you must take to become a counselor. You must take many psychology courses for example.

How long does it take to become a optomotrist?

A person who wants to be an optometrist must have a Doctor of Optometry degree. There must be at least 3 years of study, in order to join an optometry program.

What do you have to do to become a horse doctor?

Veterinarians, especially large animal or equine doctors, must graduate college with a bachelor's degree, usually a BA or BS. They then attend a veterinary college and take special equine classes. They may join an equine veterinary medicine club if their college has one. Then they must spend time working with another equine veterinarian or veterinarian getting good at the skills they learned while in school. Becoming a horse doctor is a very long process.

How many years must you attend medical school to become a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine?

To become a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) or a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), you must complete four years of medical school in the United States.

How does a doctor become a consultant?

For a doctor to become a consultant, a specific training has to be completed. This training varies between different countries. After this training, a doctor must be registered as a specialist and can become a consultant in the national health service.

What college classes must be taken to become a gynecologist?

Math and science

How to become a footballer?

You must play well in high school and college.

How many years of college must you attend to become a vetinarian?

i think you have to go to college for about 8 years.

Which of these is a must to wear if you're a doctor?

long, white coat

How many years of hospitalist school?

You must be a medical doctor to become a hospitalist.