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How long should a beginner at golf hit an 8 iron?

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The answer to this is it depends. It depends upon your age, the quality of your club, the ball you are using, the conditions etc etc.

However, if you are an average player then typically you will probably be hitting it an average of 130 yards. Subsequent clubs are about 10 yards different i.e 7 iron is 140, 6 iron is 150. -

2015-07-16 18:24:26
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You are a beginner and want to play on a golf course how long does it take and how many clubs should you buy?

3 hours and just a simple starter set

What are some possible skills a beginner would learn at golf school?

A golf school would likely teach a beginner some of the basic golf shots. They would learn how to hit long shots as well as chipping and putting. The rules of the game are another important part of any beginners' training.

I'm 5'4 how long should my golf clubs be?

your golf club should be 4"

What outdoor game uses long-handed clubs with wooden or iron heads?


How long should it take a beginner swimmer to swim 375 meters?

Without stop should take about 8 minutes for a beginner unless he or she is pretty fast. Say 6 - 8 minutes?

What is the iron equivalent to a hybrid golf club?

Hybrids are designed to replace long irons, so the hybrids replace a 1,2,3,4 and even 5 iron.

What are long irons in golfing?

Long irons are usually a 2,3,4 and even 5 iron. They have quite long shafts and have very little loft. They are usually difficult to hit for a beginner, and even a professional.

How long should a beginner at golf hit an 5 iron?

A 5 iron is quite a hard club to hit because it could be considered a long iron, with a longer shaft and the face has little loft. I would say it all depends on age, weight, strength and how good your swing is. Most beginners think the harder they swing the further they hit it, this is wrong, if you get into a good rhythm you will find the middle of the club and the ball will go well. I would say if you hit it 150 yards you are doing well, as you progress you will begin to hit it farther. A pro like Tiger Woods would hit a 5 iron around 190-200 yards.

How long should a golf club last?

3 or 4 hours, but varies.

What animes should a beginner watch?

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How long should it take a beginner to bike 1 mile?

About 5 minutes at a comfortable pace.It depends on how fast you pedal.

How long does it take to run 15 km?

For a top athlete it should take about an hour. A beginner prob an hour and a half

How long time should an electric golf cart run when fully charged?

That really depends on the specific golf cart and its combined battery capacities.

I am 6'3 how tall should my golf clubs be?

You should go to a local golf shop and get custom fit. It depends on how long your arms are and other factors. You may need an extra inch or so.

How long should my golf driver be if i am 5 foot and 3 inches?

It should be about up to your shoulder, off your foot [with out a shoe on].

How long should it take for a beginner to run a 5k run?

When I ran my first 5k I took 45 minutes. I think around that time.

How long is a golf course?

Depends what golf course it is. Cimmie.

The average length of a golf club?

It depends on the club. Drivers are the longest clubs - most of them have shafts of around 45". A 3 iron will have a longer shaft than a 4 iron; the clubs get sequentially shorter as the numbers get higher. Putters are the shortest clubs in general, with the exception of belly and long putters. If you are referring to the average length of the golf clubs in a set, take out your 5 iron and measure that.

How long should my golf clubs be if I'm six feet tall?

About a middle finger above your hips.

What driver should a beginner in golf be using?

A good idea is a large headed high lofted (10.5 degrees plus) and a regular flex shaft. There may be a temptation to get a 9.5 stiff and try and hit it as far as you can, but the first driver i suggested will pay dividends in the long term. The driver is a hard club to hit for beginners due to it's low loft and long shaft.

What is the best size surfboard is best for a beginner a long board or a short board?


How long should your golf club be in your 5 foot 8 inches?

Standard length should be about right, but you could get custom fit if your are uncomfortable.

How long is a miniature golf course?

Miniature golf courses can be anywhere from 50 to 100 yards long.

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