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About 20 minutes, although this varies between people to up to 40 minutes for an ideal length of time before you enter a deeper form of sleep.

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How long should a one year old baby take a nap?

a whole day

How long do nap 50 tablets stay in system?

how long do nap 50 bodybuilding tablets stay in your system

Where should your passengers be while you are tired?

If you are tired you should not be driving, so you will be in the same place as they are, on the side of the road taking a long nap.

How long is a cat nap?


How long is a nap?

15 mins

What does it mean to take a nap?

To sleep for a few minutes or a short period of time. A nap can be 10 minutes or 2 hours. A cat nap is a quick. short power nap. only 10 to 15 minutes long. Sleeping can be a nap as long as you don't sleep for longer than 3 hours.

How long should you wait after eating a meal to take a nap?

About 15 minutes to allow the food to partially digest.

What do we do when we have a nap?

When we have a nap, we take a short rest; it is not as long as sleeping, usually 15 minutes, but in some context it is sleeping, so we call it a 'nap'.

How long do hamsters take a nap?

only if they are drunk.

Is nap an adverb?

No, the word nap is not an adverb.Nap is a verb ("I am going to nap") and a noun ("it is nap time").

How do get rid of a headache?

nap nap and nap some more

Why did the bus need a nap?

The bus needed a nap because it was tired from a long days work. Once the bus had had its nap and cooled down a little bit, the bus was able to get on with its important work of carting people to and fro.

How can you reduce braces pain?

Try dental wax, a numbing gel; like Orgel, eating cold foods, or taking a nap. When you nap, the pain should reduce.

Spanish word for nap?

nap: siesta

What is the opposite term of race?

nap nap

Did Sigmund Freud sleep or nap?


How do you spell nap?

Nap is the correct spelling.

Are cats heavy sleepers?

No, not ussually anyway. Cats take nap after nap after nap to get their rest.

Should students in middle school have nap time?

Yes, students are tired after a long day, some students could even sleep in class if they don't have time to sleep!

How long do hamsters nap?

.three to four hours or if it just ate probally 5

How do you fall asleep at night after an hour long nap?

well you could rest your eyes

Is nap a verb?

Nap can be used as a verb or a noun.

What is synonym for nap?

Synonyms for nap are rest, or siesta.

Is nap a common noun?

nap is a common noun

How do you say nap in Punjabi?

Akh Lana (To have a nap)

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