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As long as I say it does!

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Q: How long should an electric stove last?
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Whats the best model of electric stoves?

The best model of electric stove depends on what you are looking for in an electric stove. Some are more energy efficient and will save you money in the long run but might cost more to obtain.

How long should an electric fireplace last before needing repairs?

Five years.

How long does it take for 45 mL of water to boil on high?

It depends. Do you have a gas or electric stove. If you have electric about 2-3 minutes. If you have a gas stove about 4 minutes. Hope this answers your question

How long does a charge last in an electric car?

This completely depends on the model of the electric car.

How long will the tingling last from electric shock?

It depends upon the severity of the electric shock, among other things.

How long to charge oral-b toothbrush?

how long does an oral b electric toothbrush last

Is grilling outside on a barbecue more cost effective than grilling indoors on an electric stove?

Its the matter of opinion, but you'll find that electric stoves make up for their price in the long run compared to a simple barbeque. Barbeques always use a fuel source ineffeciently, whereas electric stoves use their fuel sources very slowly, so a good fuel tank could last you a long time in comparison to buying charcoal repeatedly.

How long will the average cordless kettle last Is it the same as an electric coffee pot?

Cordless kettles will last a long time, especially if you're able to buy a stainless steel model. Cordless electric kettles are generally more durable than an electric coffee pot.

Are electric pans safe for my kids to use?

Only as long as it's under your immediate and direct supervision. An electric pan full of hot grease is just as dangerous as a frying pan full of hot grease on a stove.

How long will Antarctica last?

Antarctica should last as long as the earth lasts.

How long should you sleep with a electric blanket?

You should never sleep with an eletric blanket.

How long should a fire drill last?

Should last about 30 minutez