Earaches (Otalgia)

How long should earache last?

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How long should an earache last?

Ear aches last from a day to a month usually. But if they last longer it might be infected! (thats not a good thing) You should see a doctor regardless. thankss ~samm

How long should you keep earache medicine in your ear?

A couple of hours depending how bad it is if it is really bad about a day or two.

What korn album is earache your eye?

It is Called follow the leader. Listen to the last track, and at the end of it, another song will begin. This song is Earache My Eye

How do you get a earache?

yo get an earache by infection yo get an earache by infection

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There is no telling how long a solar panel should last. As long as it is not damaged it should last for years.

Can you use betamethasone dipropionate for earache?

What is the answer to : Can I use Btamethasone for an earache?

Should you go to the doctor if you have an earache?

No, a simple sleep is the best way long as you the bad ear if facing up. if it carries on for 4 days than you should see the doctor.

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When was Earache Records created?

Earache Records was created in 1985.

What is another word for earache?

Another word for earache?? - "My Ear Hurts!!" :( lolanother word for earache? Sinus Infection

What is the medical term meaning earache?

Otalgia is the medical term meaning ear pain or earache.Otalgia"Earache."otitis

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Can an earache last for a period of time longer than 2 weeks?

Yes, it can. My current earache has lasted for 2.5 weeks so far! From what I've read on-line, though, this seems rare. Also, the infection has cleared up so my doctor doesn't expect it to last much longer.

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how long will a minimum order of oil last

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