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There is no set rule on how long you should wait before meeting his mother. You should just make sure that you're in a serious relationship.

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How long should you wait before dating someone new?

well atleast a day

Should you tell him you love him today?

I suppose it depends on how long you've been dating. I'm currently dating my best guy friend so we started say "I love you" way before we started dating.

How long should you wait before you handle newborn gerbils?

You should wait until their eyes are open. Or when the mother will let you near them.

How long after dating a guy should he ask you to be hes girlfriend?

If you are dating then by definition you are his girlfriend.

How long should you date before marriage?

Depends on how long it takes for you to find someone you want to marry. I'd suggest dating a person for at least half a year before you decide whether marriage is imminent.

Who is Lil' Zane dating?

His long time girl and mother of beautiful son

How long before puppies can leave their mother?

Puppies have to be atleast 1 month old before they leave their mother.

How long before a shitzu pup leaves his mother?

Puppies and Kittens should all be sold at the youngest age of eight weeks.

What is the average dating time before marriage?

It should be one to two years to get to know each other although some people don't wait that long.

What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday-?

What to get your boyfriend depends on how long you have been dating.

How long should you wait before meeting a person that you are dating online?

2 months make sure you trust them first. Make sure you run a background check on the person before you meet them in person.

How long before a newborn puppy starts to nurse from mom?

A newborn puppy should start nursing from the mother within an hour of birth.

How long do you keep the kittens before they can be adopted?

The average age for kittens to be weaned off their mother is about twelve to fourteen weeks old. The kittens should not be weaned off their mother anytime before eight or nine weeks as they might otherwise miss out on important nutrients and minerals from their mother.

How long for hamsters before separated from mother?

eight years

How long does a miniature schnauzer stay with its mother?

A miniture schnauzer should stay with its mother for 6-8 weeks before being adopted. This is because of the mother's milk, along with the mother's company.

How long should you wait before dating after your wife died?

Only you can determine this. Yes, there is a mourning period, however you should continue on with your life, and I believe your wife would want you to do so. Sorry for your loss.

How long should you wait before you tell someone you are dating that you love him or her?

When you just can't take it anymore! Or just give him one of these big cookies that say I Love you on it!

How long should you know a guy before dating?

really it does not matter but it will be nice if u could just get to now if he is nice what type of guy is he and then u can goe on a date

How long should a bunny stay with its mother?

Rabbits should not be taken from their mother until they are at least 8 weeks old.

How long did Selena Gomez date Justin Bieber?

They have been dating publicly for about 2 months and privately for a month or two before that. They are still dating so i do not know how long it will last

How long should a rosy boa stay with its mother before i give it away?

There's no need - the 'mother' snake has no maternal instinct towards its offspring - and the young snake is completely independent from the moment it was born.

How long does a baby miniature pony have to stay with its mother before finding it a new home?

You should wean it off its mother slowly when its about 6months old, if you ever have anymore questions about animals please ask me!

How long should you wait before handling puppies?

You should wait until the mother has cleaned and fed them, and then she will probably want some sleep at that point. When she seems comfortable with you approaching then its okay.

How long were you dating before your man proposed?

I was with my husband 6 months before he proposed. We are 5 years married now.

How long is it before you can take a German shepherd or its mother?

8 month