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The recommendation is 3 months.

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Q: How long should you be off birth control before trying to conceive?
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Is it safe to conceive when your child has chickenpox?

IF you have had chickenpox, it is safe to conceive if your other child has chickenpox. If not, you should get chickenpox vaccine and wait a month before trying to conceive again.

Should you not wear tight pants when trying to conceive?

Actually, you shouldn't be wearing anything <blush> when trying to conceive :).

Should you take phentermine if you are trying to get pregnant?

NO! If you are trying to conceive discuss this with your doctor.

Should you receive hepatitis vaccine while trying to conceive?

Yes, you can still receive the hepatitis vaccine while you are trying to conceive. It will not interfere with your menstrual cycle or the ability to conceive a child.

Can you eat soft cheeses when trying to conceive?

At the exact moment that you are trying to conceive, I do not recommend eating anything. Before or after that time, soft cheeses shouldn't be a problem.

Can you swim when trying to conceive?

If you can do it without drowning each other, sex while swimming is tricky. If you mean can you swim before and after sex while trying to conceive, there shouldn't be any reason not to.

How long should one wait before trying to get preg after a miscarriage?

Most doctors ask couples to wait at least one period before trying to conceive again, mainly for the dates. But, if you feel that you are ready emotionally, then their should be no problem with trying right away. It really is better to ask your physician.

Should you urinate after sex if you are trying to conceive?

Your chances of conceiving will not be affected if you urinate or not.

How long before trying to conceive should you stop drinking?

you should stop drinking asoon as you decide that you want to try for a baby, to keep your body healthy for the baby to grow inside you.

How long after a miscarriage should you wait before trying to conceive again?

you should wait until after your normal period resumes. in other words, one - two months

Is it safe to travel while trying to get conceive?

It is not safe to travel while trying to get conceive as it is very dangerous .

How long should you wait to get pregnant after stopping birth control?

The funny thing is that if you get pregnant within the first few months of stopping birth control you are much more likely to conceive twins...however depending on the type and the lenght of time you were on birth control you can conceive after about a month2-3 monthsIt differs between women. If you haven't got pregnant after trying for 18 months seek help.It is usually recommended to wait two to three menstrual cycles after going off the pill before trying to get pregnant. To be safe, I would wait three months.Ideally you should take folic acid for 3 months before starting trying to conceive. If you have already done this then wait for one normal period before trying. This will just make it easier to date your pregnancy.Technically, it doesn't really matter if you don't get a period, it just makes working dates out easier.No, there's no medical need to wait to get pregnant after stopping birth control.

Is it safe to conceive a baby if your husband had an alcoholic beverage?

Yes, it doesn't hurt to have a little drink before attempting conception - it can help to relax you. Of course drinking during pregnancy is dangerous, and if you are trying to conceive then you should not be drinking too much.

What should a man take instead of Lyrica while trying to conceive?

Researchers are studying whether or not Lyrica can affect a man's fertility. Many doctors have said that men trying to conceive should take an alternative medication. This is something that should be gona over with a medical doctor.

How soon should you stop the pill before trying to conceive?

Every woman's body works differently. Some women are pregnant a mere month after quitting their birth control, other take up to a year or longer. There's no guarantees in nature's work, unfortunately.

If you have been on birth control for 3 years and ready to go off and to try to conceive when is the possible chance to conceive?

Pretty much the same as if you've never been on the pill. You should wait until you've had one period off the pill before you start trying though. It does take longer for some people than others to get pregnant. The pill really has nothing to do with it though.

How long should you lay horzontially after trying to conceive?

10-50 mins average. The longer the better

Should you go swimming if you are trying to conceive?

swimmings good if you want to have a baby but i wouldn't do a proper workoutt

Should you avoid taking kalonji if you are trying to conceive?

I guess because it's a her used to prevent pregnancy

If I had intercourse last night and started ovulating today what are my chances of getting pregnant and when should we try again?

Your chances are very high. If you are trying to conceive, you should ideally have sex 1-2 days before ovulation.

How long after trying to conceive without conceiving should you see a doctor?

If you've been trying for a year to eighteen months with no success, it's generally at that point that you should see a specialist.

Can you get pregnant and be overweight?

Overweight women can absolutely get pregnant, but if you are trying to conceive and are very overweight you should attempt to lose some weight before you conceive. Women who are overweight also need to gain less weight than other women during pregnancy, but you should not begin a new weight loss plan if you are pregnant.

Will laser eye surgery work if done while trying to conceive?


Should you see a doctor after six months of trying to conceive?

To conceive is not always as easy as it sounds, and I feel that six months is far to short a time, I suggest ten months or a year.

Which food contains something dangerous for women trying to conceive?

she should not have almonds, chicken, pineapple all such hot things should not be taken.

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