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I would say that you know them for at least 6 months to one year. Let me tell you that you give up half of EVERYTHING when you let someone move in. Make sure you really like them because you never know someone entirely until they move in with you!

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Q: How long should you be with someone before you move in together?
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How long should you be together before you kiss?

2 weeks

How long should you wait before you snog someone?

At least a week.

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3 months

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well atleast a day

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Parnets should be together for maybe two years before having children but if they are ready to have children then they should and when i say ready i mean a steady job good income and a house.

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How long should you know someone before moving in together?

well, for me it should be how well you know someone, because if you know that person for like 10 years, but know so little about him/her, then i don't think its gonna do you good. You should know the person really well and should know him for at least 10 months-2 years at least.

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it really depends on how long you two have been together before making rash decisions.

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