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How long should you keep your utility bill statements?

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The site I went to said if you are writing off your utility bills for taxes, then you need to keep them as tax records. Otherwise, keep 3 months--this establishes residency for mortgage apps, voter registration, drivers license, etc.

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How long should you keep bill statements?

credit and debit cards

How long should you keep old credit card bill statements?

AnswerYou should keep your statements because you need them for when taxes come out.And since you must keep tax-related records for 7 years, you potentially should keep them for that long. Reference the related link below.Other OpinionsSince you can only dispute a charge within the first 60 to 90 days of it being entered then it is generally safe to discard statements after the 90 day period for dispute has expired.

How long should you keep bank statements?

YOu should keep bank statement for 7 years, in case you get audited

How long should you keep utility bills?

You should keep utility and credit card bills for 60-90 days because that is the maximum lenght of time to report any disputes. For credit cards, keep at least a year if you purchased any deductions.

Is there a specific time for retaining utility bills and bank statements?

Unless they involve business or personal deductions on your income tax returns, you don't have to keep them at all.

How to Include my utility bill in credit report?

Contact your utility company and ask them to report your information with all three bureaus. Keep in mind that not all utility companies are able to provide this option, so seek out companies that give you this option.

How long should you keep your utility bills?

As soon as it clears from the bank,than it can be tossed,the bank as it on file.

Utility man job description?

Utility workers keep utility systems, like electricity, gas, and water running well. The job description varies on which utility the worker is attending to.

How does a victim of domestic violence seeking privacy keep their utility bills private?

To keep your privacy regarding your utility bills you get a box number where you will pick up your own mail. However, you have a problem of being a victim of domestic violence and should seek Women's/Men's Abuse Centers.

How long should you keep quarterly 401k statements?

Keeping your 401k statements is always a good idea. Weather you are using them to track the past performance of your portfolio, or just to keep for your records. However most 401k record keepers allow you to generate statements online. So if you were to through them out, or misplace them you could generate a new one online, or call your customer service number to have copies of the statements sent to you.

Where do police keep their pepper spray?

police keep their pepper spray in their utility belt.

How often should you defragment your hard drives and what's the best utility to do it with?

You should defragment your drive at least once a month to keep it running smooth and clear out unneeded items.

Should you keep statements from closed bank account?

We usually don't need to keep statements from a closed bank account because, once an account is closed, no transactions can be done on it. So even if someone wants to impersonate you, they cannot use the account that you just closed. But it is always a good habit to keep atleast one or two statements of the account that you just closed in order to utilize for future reference purposes for yourself.

How do you open foreign currency account in a bank in Pakistan?

To open FC account in any bank of pakistan,you should have (NICOP) Employee card for the company you are working,Passport copy,Utility bill copy & some banks ask you to keep minimum 500$ to maintain your account.

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Can you keep utility bills in the name of a deceased spouse or parent?

You can, but its fraud.

How long should you keep personal bank statements?

The minimum that personal bank statements should be kept is one year, due to tax reasons. Many recommend keeping them for three years in order to maintain documentation of important purchases and in case the IRS would decide to perform an audit.

Is a telephone bill considered a utility bill?

I would believe so. What is a utility? According to it is - A useful article or device. - So if your telephone is a -useful article or device- I would conclude that it is a utility. Yes, as is gas , water and electricity. Although use of the telephone is considered part of your overall utility expense, in business telephone expenses are generally tracked separately from utilities on a profit and loss statement. Basically, you would set up an account in your general ledger for Telephone and another for Utilities (which would include gas, electricity and water). This enables management to keep a handle on an otherwise hefty expense.

True statements about weight control?

There are a lot of true statements for weight control. Weight control is a hard thing to keep in control.

Can landlord in WI keep deposit to pay electric bill in tenants name?

he can keep it until the final meter reading and use it to pay the final bill, but he must refund the tenant whats left, if anything. if he doesnt keep it, then the electric company comes after him has the home owner. why should he be stuck with the tenants bill?

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What kinds of things should an analyst keep in mind when evaluating the financial statements of a given firm?

Hello,my student,I'm teacher Tao.I must say"do it yourself".

What are two types of financial documents that every person should keep on file?

1) Bank account statements 2) Income tax return

Why do parents pay bills?

So that they avoid county court judgments for a starter.Answer..Parents pay bills, to keep a roof over your head, to be able to keep you warm, and to be able to cook you meals. Nothing comes for free, so for what ever utility service you use, there will always be a bill.

How long do you keep bank statements?

3 to 7 years, depending on how compulsive you are.