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well from my point of view,i'd say for like 10 to 15 mins well from my point of view,i'd say for like 10 to 15 mins

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Do you cut and then deep condition your hair at a salon?

no you deep condition then cut

Should deep condition my hair before or after I bleach it?

Yes because it is more healthier

Can you deep condition your hair to frequently?

Hair is a porous substance, so it will absorb whatever you put on it and leave what it can't hold. If your deep conditioner has protein in it, then overuse can cause the hair to become weaker and brittle due to the imbalance of moisture to protein.

Can you dye your hair 2 days in a row?

it depends on the color you did , if you bleached it you're hair will get dried out, just deep condition it and it should be fine :)

How often should you deep condition your hair?

Well, it depends on how dry your hair is. Try to do it at least once a month & no more than once a week.

What is deep conditioner and how often should you use it?

A deep conditioner atcs as a conditioner but it penetrates the cuticle inside the hair shaft. It should be used anywhere from once a week for people w/ dry hair (like me) or people with "regualr" hair about twice a month. It really improves the condition of your hair .

Can beer and egg white be used to deep condition hair?


How long should you condition your hair for?

If it is an ordinary conditioner then you only need to leave it in for 2 minutes but if you are using a treatment or leave in conditioner you should have it in for 10-15 minutes. Don't put conditioner on the roots as this is new hair. Put it on the middle length and ends of your hair.

How can you bleach black hair extensions?

Yes, you can, but you will probably need 40 Volume Bleach. It is very strong and will probably leave the extensions fried afterwards. Remember to deep condition them if they are real human hair.

Does it make a difference if you have short or long hair when you deep condition?

no it doesnt make a differnce.. best is to deep condition always after every head bath..!

How can you treat your split ends?

To get rid of split ends, the only way is too trim them off. But to hide them, deep condition your hair every time you wash your hair & leave conditioner on for about 10 minutes (depending on how bad your hair is) and this will make hair soft & healthier.

How long should you wait till you dye your hair brown if you dyed it blonde?

It all depends on the condition of your hair. If it's really dry and brittle with split ends, you should use a deep conditioner before you re-dye it, but if your hair is in pretty good condition, i'd just wait a couple of weeks.

What are good hair care products?

garnierfructise leave in condition and johnson jonson and dove are great for hair

How often should you use a protein hair treatment?

It really depends on the condition of your hair. If your hair is in bad condition then you should use it at least every 10 days. If your hair is a little dry and conditioner is not improving it then you should use it once a month. If your hair is in good condition use it very seldom because it will make no difference to the condition of your hair except to make it look greasy.

Do you leave vegetable oil in your or rinse it out of your hair?

Thoroughly rinse the oil from the hair. Shampoo and condition the hair 24 hours later.

What will bad hair die do to your hair?

it will make your hair feel dry to fix this leave condition on for a few mintutes every time you wash your hair

How do you make hair light and soft?

There are several ways to make hair light and soft. A person could apply deep conditioner to the hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. Or, a person could deep condition and thin out the hair for lightness and softness.

How do you get nail polish off hair?

If you get nail polish in your hair you could leave it for a day or so; it should brush out. Just wash and condition your hair normally, in the meantime. If you urgently need to get it out right away you'll need to use acetone (nail polish remover). This is a bit harsh on hair, so wash and condition your hair right away.

Do live in conditioners really work?

Leave in conditioners do work but are best for on-the-go uses or when your hair is extremely dry. Leave in conditioners tend to over condition your hair.

Is there a way for you to reverse or remove a relaxer?

Sorry to there isn't and I know this from experience. You must let it grow out and ALWAYS condition during this process. I use a good leave in conditioner. If your hair is damaged and/or weak, braiding is NOT a good idea because of the stress it puts on the hair. Wash the hair regularly, air dry, and deep condition during this process. Patience is the key....

How do you use the Pantene curly hair deep moisturizing treatment?

apply it after washing your hair, then leave it on for 5 minutes or more. Its not a heavy product so it wont make your hair oily or greasy if you choose to leave it on for longer.

Should you brush your hair before a perm?

Yes, you should put your hair in good condition before you perm it.

Can you sew in tracks after dying your regular hair?

Yea you can , you just have to deep condition it before getting a sew in

Why You Should Use Leave In Conditioner?

A leave in conditioner is an essential for every woman's hair, whether your hair is long, short, wavy, straight, curly or somewhere in-between. A good leave in conditioner will help to protect your hair from heat damage, wind and split ends, and it will give your hair a silky shine. When searching for the right type of leave in conditioner, remember that not everyone should use the same type of leave in conditioner. Instead, you should look for a leave in conditioner that is designed for your hair type. Many of these conditioners tell you on the bottle what type of hair they are designed for.

How do you get rid of curly and dry hair?

If your hair is dry it's best to use a leave-in conditioner or deep condition your hair every so often. As to getting "rid" of curly hair, you could use a flat iron to straighten it or go to the hair salon and have it chemically straightened (much like a perm). Be warned, though, that if your hair is dry already having it chemically straightened is not the best choice.

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