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How long should you wait before you call someone after getting their number?

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2008-01-01 08:56:13

This ones a bit tricky, but basically you need to look at just

how well the initial meeting was. If it was a typical "I'm

interested" and "their interested" scenario, then wait a few

days...3 is usually a good number, but late on the second is

passable. If you didn't shut up all night cause you were chatting

about common interests and shared so much in common, then go for

it!! Message them the next day if you long as you have

connected enough to know that it won't phase the other person. (But

always remember that when you send a message, wait for their reply

before you send any more. If you had to wait beyond a day for a

reply, then go back to the 3 day rule.)

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