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its actually BETTER if you go into the salt water, because salt water heals cuts and can help your earring to heal faster ! so dont let it hold you back, enjoy the ocean and pool <3

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โˆ™ 2009-07-16 18:42:53
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Q: How long should you wait to go swimming in the ocean after you got your ears pierced?
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Can you go swimming the day after having your ears pierced?

Yes, I got my ears pierced a few days ago and the day after I went swimming, there doesn't seem to be a problem.

How long do you have to wait till you can go swimming when you got your ears pierced?


Is it safe to swim after getting your navel pierced?

I should think so. My friend just got her belly button pierced two weeks ago and we went swimming the other day. Ask yourself this: is it safe to go swimming right after getting your ears pierced?

What should you use for an irritation with pierced ears?

Should one use witch hazel or alcohol to help dry up an irritation with pierced ears

Tragus piercing swimming?

I have had my Tragus pierced on both ears, and went swimming almost right after getting the piercing. Mine was fine.

How old should you be to pierce your ears?

If you can ask for it then you are old enough to have your ears pierced.

Where should you go to get your ears pierced?

A tattoo parlor

How do you look If you get your ears pierced?

I like Earrings with boys and i want to get my left ears pierced i just want to know should i get it pierced if yes how do i convience my parents thanks .

Should you die your hair with your ears just pierced?

as long as you get no die in your ears you will be fine(:

Does Hillary Clinton have her ears pierced?

Yes she does have her ears pierced.

How long do you have to wait to go swimming in a pool or lake after having your ears pierced?

ears its fine as long as you clean it before and after your swim :) Good Luck

Can you get your ears pierced in the city?

Yes you can get your ears pierced in the city if you are of age.

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