How long should you wait to take your dog to the vet if you think he may have a cold?

You wouldn't know for sure if your dog has cold. You should really take him into the vet. Your dog could have a number of things ie, upper respritory problem, allergies. The Vet is the best one to diagnose and treat your precious one. Please do not give your precious dog any medication unless prescribed by your vet. This is a big NO, NO.

I agree that you can not always tell whether you dog has a cold or not... However, If your dog is showing what you believe are symptoms of a cold. I would suggest monitoring him or her for 24 hrs before taking him to a vet{ unless the symptoms are severe and/or have already been present for more than 24hrs} if symptoms deminish within 24hrs chances are the dog was exposed to something that irritated their respritory tract temporarily.. If symptoms presist for more than 24hrs, worsen , or go away and then return after the 24hr period... Get the dog to the vet ASAP!!!!!!!!!