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Keep it succinct as possible but make the answer as long as is needed to convey the information you want to convey concisely.

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Q: How long should your answer to an interview question be?
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In an interview how should you answer the question What kind of people annoy you?

In an interview how should you answer , what kind of people annoy you ?

How do you answer question about program assistant in a job interview?

If you are asked a question revolving around program assistant status in a job interview, then you should answer it much the same as you would answer any normal question in a job interview: honestly.

What should you say in your interview for long gap?


During an interview how does one answer the question 'Why would you like to join our company'?

You should do your homework ahead of the interview and know something about the company. You can use that information to form an answer to this question.

How long administrative clearance take for us immigrant f4 visas after interview?

I asked a simple question. how long immigrant administrative clearance take after interview, but nobody was answer it correctly,

Should you call a potential employer with a question after an interview?

No, you should go directly to him, do not call unless you are desperate.

Are you not going to interview?

The sentence should be worded: "Are you not going to the interview?" Or if you're wondering if someone isn't going to be interviewed, then you would word the question: "Are you not going to interview Mitch Longley?"

What should you consider as you answer each question that an employer asks for an interview?

Whatever comes to you first!

What should be a good answer for hobby for an interview question for a girl?

dancing,roming with friends,reading books

What question are asked in management trainee interview?

What makes you the right person for this position

How do you respond to the question what drives you in an interview interview?

When answering odd ball interview questions like this, below are some great options:Mentioning your passion for what you doYour love of life long learningThe desire you have to better yourself.

What should you say in an interview when asked about your long-term professional aspirations?

Have sex with the interviewer.