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Probably standard. Whatever that is. It used to mean a 43" driver,
but now it might mean a 44.5" one.

There are a number of methods to determine whether you should use overlength clubs. One is to measure the height of your fingertips. 27" would be standard, with the club length changed 1/4 to 1/2 the difference. E.g. if your fingertip height is 28", add 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Another is to use the height of the top of your hand (at the seam with the wrist),with 34" being standard, and the adjustment 1/4 of the difference from standard.

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Should tall golfers use longer clubs?

A golfer should use clubs of a length that is comfortable for him or her. Generally, that means that a taller golfer will use longer clubs and a shorter golfer, shorter clubs.

How long should your golf clubs be if you're 5'10?

regulation. maybe one inch up if you like them taller. it depends on how you like them

The average length of a golf club?

It depends on the club. Drivers are the longest clubs - most of them have shafts of around 45". A 3 iron will have a longer shaft than a 4 iron; the clubs get sequentially shorter as the numbers get higher. Putters are the shortest clubs in general, with the exception of belly and long putters. If you are referring to the average length of the golf clubs in a set, take out your 5 iron and measure that.

How much is the average price for a set of men's golf clubs?

The average price of a set of men's golf clubs depends on the brand of the golf clubs and the number of golf clubs within the set. Taking this all into consideration, the average cost of a set of golf clubs is $700.

Why would a golfer want his clubs 1 or 2 degrees upright?

Because he is a taller player than the average person or he stands closer to the ball with a more upright stance than is normal.

What should a youth golf club length?

Depends how old and how tall they are. From about 13 most youths would play mens clubs, but smaller youths could get ladies or junior clubs which are shorter and lighter. There is the option of getting a set of mens clubs custom fitted, but then they may grow out of them quickly.

Where is the clubs icon on stardoll?

It should be under friends and clubs.

Whats the difference between men's and women's golf clubs?

Women's clubs are typically one inch shorter They often have softer shafts They often are a different color.

Which golf equipment is best for a man that has back problems?

Taller clubs that don't stress the lower back are an excellent choice.

How many different clubs does an average golfer have?


How much does the average American spend at clubs a year?

About 30 miliion dollars a year. Fellow Americans love bars and to party. The most visited clubs are striper clubs.

The average weight of a golf bag with clubs?

30 lbs

How many DJS play in clubs on average?

Usually About 3!

Where can you find the clubs on stardoll?

You click the tab "clubs and friends" and scroll down. There should be lost of categories listed for the clubs there, also a search bar and menus showing the most recently active clubs and most popular clubs.

How do you know if golf clubs are too big for you?

You should get custom fit and this will easily tell you if they are too big for you or not. You can also tell yourself as you will be able to realise if they feel to big. You should feel comfortable with the club in your hand, you should not feel like you are bending over to much or having to stand taller than normal.

How tall should juniors be when they start using ladies size golf clubs?

If you have used junior clubs, you should start using ladies clubs once they have grown out of them, as they will fill the gap between juniors and mens.

What is a junior golf set?

They are a set of clubs designed for junior golfers. They are shorter, lighter and more lofted so easier to use.

Are custom golf clubs necessary for a short woman?

Having your clubs custom fitted by a professional club maker will almost always improve anyone's game. However, in the case of shorter folks, the advantages of custom golf clubs become even greater. "Off the rack" clubs generally fail to address any off the unique swing characteristics of shorter women. Chiefly, a) slower club head speed which requires greater flexibility in the shaft, b) proper lie angle of the club face - a "flatter" lie is required than standard due to club length being shorter, c) club length - off the rack clubs rarely provide a short enough shaft to given a proper

Is there a special club for Guinea Pig lovers?

Their are many clubs for guinea pig lovers. Their are breeding clubs, showing clubs, training clubs, and many more. You should start a club in your neighborhood for guinea pig lovers.

Should i update 5 year old golf clubs?

if you are still hitting good i see no need to update them, but if you are not hitting acceptably you should probably update your clubs

What kind of clubs are there?

cash clubs, food clubs, ice cream clubs, war clubs, regular clubs, awana clubs, cuckoo clubs, monkey clubs, poker clubs, dinosaur clubs, baseball clubs, footabal clubs, soccer clubs, sports clubs

What are the degrees for on golf clubs?

Degrees measure the face's loft, or its angle relative to vertical. Higher lofted clubs hit the ball higher and shorter; lower lofted clubs hit it lower and longer. Wedges typically have between 52 and 64 degrees of loft; drivers usually have around 9 or 10.

I am 5'3. How tall should my golf clubs be?

You should go get custom fit to see exactly. They will measure the distances from your shoulder, wrist and middle finger to the floor. This will tell them how long the clubs should be.

What is a rescue driver in golf?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing. There is however rescue clubs (also known as hybrids), these are clubs which are a blend of a wood and an iron, they have the loft of a long iron, and the shape of a wood. It has a shorter shaft for a better attack angle and more control.

Why does a professional golfer usually own many different types of Clubs?

Different clubs are used for different types and distances of shots in golf. You need a driver to start with. Irons are for shorter high shots. Putters are used on the putting greens.