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The length of time that a turkey should be cooked will depend on the weight. A 7.5lb turkey should be cooked for 3-4 hours at 300 degrees.

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Q: How long to cook a 7.5 lb turkey breast at 300?
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How much turkey breast do you need to feed 300 people?

There should be at least one pound of turkey per person. For 300 people, there should be at least 300 pounds of turkey breast.

How long to cook a 13 pound turkey in convection oven?

2 hours at 300 degrees

What temperature should you cook a turkey at over night?

300 degrees, as long as internal temp of turkey reaches 165, you are safe

Can you cook a turkey at 300 degrees?

It is possible to cook a turkey in a 300 degree oven. You just need to make sure the inside of the turkey is 135-140 degrees Fahrenheit before it is done.

What temp should you cook your twenty pound Turkey if you cook it for 5 hours?

at 300

How long to cook a 10 pound turkey at 300 degrees?

A 10 pound turkey should be cooked at a temperature of at least 325 degrees. This ensures that bacteria does not grow and contaminate the turkey.

How long to cook a turkey at 300 degrees?

if the bird is stuffed aprox 1/2 hour per pound at 350 degrees (300 is not hot enough)

How long do you cook a 1.395 k ham at 300 c?

one hour

How long will a 20 pound turkey take if you cook it at 300?

It's not he temperature you cook it at that's important - it's the length of time you cook it ! Meat should be cooked for 20 minutes per pound weight PLUS another 20 minutes. In your case - that's 7 hours exactly !

What does 300 grams of breast tissue look like?

What does 300 grams of breast tissue look like

How long do you cook pork chops in a convection oven?

300 degrees 45 minutes

How long do you cook an 8.75 pound pre-cooked ham?

For about 30 minutes on 300.

How long do you cook a 19 lb cured ham?

Cook the ham at 300 degrees for three hours. It will fall off the bone!

How can I barbecue a turkey?

I personally have barbecued a turkey, and it is very good. I have used a rotisserie, but if you do not have one, you can cook it in a pan right on the grill. Make sure it is placed evenly over the burners, and the temperature should be at about 300 to 325 degrees. You will cook your turkey approximately 20 minutes per pound and the internal temperature should be 165F.

How long does it take to cook a pot roast?

2 to 4 hours at 300 to 325 degrees.

How long should you cook a 5 lb meatloaf at 300 degrees?

2 hours or so

What is the distance from Turkey to Cyprus?

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How long do you cook a three to four pound chicken in the oven and at what temperature?

2 to 3 hours a 300

How much cc are Kendra's breast?


Chicken breasts at 300 degrees how long will they take?

thawed at 300 i would say (depending on size) and hour to an hour and 30. i would cook it at 340 (if u want to cook it on low) for 35-45 min.

How many crew were on cook's ship?

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How long will it take to cook a 27 lb chuck roast at 300 degrees in the oven deep pit style?

11.25 hrs

Is turkey closed to Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island 250-300 miles west (and a little south) of Turkey.

What are the crude oil reserves in Turkey?

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How long does a 10 lb turkey take to cook in a convection oven?

Six to 10 pounds: 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 hours. 10 to 14 pounds: 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 hours. (that's at 300 degrees)