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A mouse will show signs of pregnancy at 15 days and give birth in about 18-24 days.

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Can a mouse be pregnant?

Mice are mammals, and therefore give birth to live offspring. So yes, they will be pregnant before they give birth.

Does a fancy mouse have to mate to give birth?

To get a female pregnant, you need to have a male mouse to impregnate her. After that, it's 21 days until she'll give birth, in which case she should be left alone for 3 days afterwards before touching babies.

Does pregnant lady get preferred birth?

Very confusing question. Pregnant ladies are pregnant until they give birth - whether they prefer to be pregnant or give birth is a different question. From what I've seen, the closer they are to their due date the more they would prefer to give birth rather than stay pregnant

Is a guinea pigs behavior different when they are pregnant?

No, not until they are ready to give birth.

What do you call a pregnant woman about to give birth?

You would call her a pregnant woman about to give birth.

How long will you know that your pregnant?

From the time that you find out, until you give birth! You might want to reword this question to say something like "How long UNTIL you will know you are pregnant?"

Can you be pregnant and not even know?

yes of course there are people who don't know they're pregnant until it's time to give birth.

What happens if a prisoner gets pregnant?

They stay in prison until the need to have doctors appointments, or until they have to give birth. Then they return to prison.

Can you give pregnant mother mouse to snake?

yes you can..

How long does it take for mice to give birth and do they give birth a t a particular time of day?

Mice tend to give birth about 3 weeks after getting pregnant however my mouse gave birth SIX weeks after pregnancy so be patient. They do not give birth at any particular time or day but usually when they are uninterrupted which is probably night. :)

How long until your hamster is pregnant?

It takes 16 days till a hamster gives birth, they normally give birth to around 2-12! I think they can get pregnant when their 6 weeks old...

Is birth control safe?

No. Not all birth controls work. There are many instidents of teenage girls and woman who are on birth control and have gotten pregnant. (sometimes, unknowingly until they give birth)

Can female rabbit still be pregnant after giving birth?

no. after they give birth they cant be pregnant.

Is it possible for your stomach to remain flat when pregnant?

no because the baby will be growing so it will not be flat until you give birth

Twilight- does Bella get pregnant?

No. Bella does not give birth to a baby until the last book. [ Breaking Dawn]

Is it ok for a pregnant cow to nurse a calf?

Of course it is! They do it all the time! Dairy cows that are pregnant still give milk until a couple months before they have to give birth again, and beef cows that get pregnant a couple months after giving birth to their last calf (which they're still suckling) still give milk until their calf is weaned at around 6 to 10 months of age.

What do you do with a pregnant plecostomus And how long until she gives birth?

Plecos don't get pregnant, and they don't give birth. They are egglayers, and the eggs are fertilized externally. If she has a bulging belly she is either sick or extremely well fed.

When does a tiger give birth?

when it is pregnant

What do you called a horse about to give birth?

a pregnant horse or a horse that's about to give birth

Does a mouse lays eggs or give birth?

its a gosh darn mammal it deffs give birth ya gump

What are the symptoms when a pregnant cat is about to give birth?

When a cat is about to give birth they may pant and be lazy. They may loose appetite and lay down a lot. They will find a place to have her babies and she will sit there until they come.

When does a panda give birth?

When its pregnant and ready

How do you seals give birth?

they get pregnant but does not have an egg

How do you take care of a pregnant mouse?

.when your mouse is pregnant you have to give it healthy foods with vitamins. desperate your male mouse before the babies are born because it will get the mom pregnant in the next 8 hours. wait to touch the babies till they open their eyes!

Do mouse give live birth?

no they die giving birth 100 percent of the time Dilweed