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How long until puppies are born?

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9 weeks

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How long do you have to wait after the puppies are born to bath the mother?

until puppies are able to eat wet dog food (estimate: i month old)

How long after a puppy is born do you have to wait until you can take a puppy away from the mother?

puppies can be away from their mothers at the age of 9 weeks

How long until you can wash puppies?

2 weeks after surgery/nutering

How long do puppy feed on the mom?

Until about 4 weeks or when he puppies get teeth.

How long can you wait to spay a dog if they are pregnant?

Wait until her puppies are weaned.

How long do puppies stay with there mom?

Until they are 8 weeks or all gone.

When a female dog has milk in her teats how soon will her puppies be born?

How long after a dog develops milk will they have there puppies?

How long does the mother poodle have to stay with its puppies after they are born?

It's a good idea that the mother keeps nursing her young pups until the pups are 6 to 8 weeks old. This way puppies will get a good start on life.

How long do puppies keep there eye shut when born?

Puppies only keep their eyes shut for only a few short days when born. Puppies open their eyes rather quickly.

Do pitbull puppies have long fur when born?

Pitbulls are short haired dogs and they are not born with long fur.

Doe puppies move or open there eyes when born?

The eyes do not normally open until the pup is 10-14 days old. Puppies should move after they are born and begin breathing.

How long until a staffy has its puppies?

For most breeds the average length of pregnancy is 9 weeks.

How long will the female dog protect her newborn puppies from other dogs?

until the newborns are adults

How long does newborn puppies feed off mothers milk?

until they are 6 weeks old

Your dog is having puppies now how long for the newborn puppies start to eat?

the puppies will feed off of their mother's milk until they are about 6-8 weeks old. you can then start introducing them to whole food.

Are Chow Chow puppies born with long hair?

No. They are born with about 1/2 inch fur.

How long is it for a boxer puppy to be born?

Boxer puppies are usually born two months after mating.

How long do puppies eyes stay blue?

If the puppies eyes are still blue at 4 weeks old, chances are they will stay that way, but its not guaranteed. Some puppies eyes will stay blue up until adulthood.

How long should let new born puppies drink dog milk?

puppies should be weened around 6 weeks.

How many days are puppies are in the dog?

Puppies are considered puppies until they are the age of one year. Does this answer your question?

How long do you wait to sell pomeranian puppies?

Until they are at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned.

How long are puppies puppies?

Depends on the breed

When will your dog show that it is pregnant on the sims 2?

A dog will not show that it is pregnant until it has the puppies on the sims 2. It usually takes 3 sim days for the puppies to be born.

How long does a dog care for a puppy?

A mother dogs cares for her puppy or puppies until 6 weeks, then they must be fully weened from their mother by then, but puppies should still stay with their mother until at least 8 weeks, we just got another litter of puppies, so I would know.

How long do puppies need mothers milk?

About until they are 6 months old or about until they get eyes.Answered By:an unknown girl.Answer:Puppies should be weaned (off their mother's milk) by six to eight WEEKS of age, not months.