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You can handle a baby piggy as soon as they are born. They need to stay with the mother until they can eat and drink water on their own, about 8 weeks. As long as you let them nurse on the mother, you can handle them often.

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How long until baby guinea pigs can shower?

Guinea pigs tend not to take showers.....

How long until you have to change the guinea pigs cage?

Every week

How long do guinea pigs climb?

Guinea pigs cant climb.

How long do female guinea pigs menstruate and how often?

Guinea pigs do not menstruate.

How big are guinea pigs?

guinea pigs can get up to 10 inches long.

How long are guinea pigs?

Just like humans, guinea pigs vary in size :)

Crested guinea pigs how long do they live?

guinea pigs live 4 to 7 years.

What are sheltie guinea pigs?

guinea pigs with long hair. they needed to be brushed every day

How long do peruvian guinea pigs live?

guinea pigs live 4 to 7 years.

What is the difference between long haired guinea pigs and short haired guinea pigs?

Long haired guinea pigs have longer hair and you will have to comb their hair daily. Short haired guinea pigs have shorter hair so you won't really have to comb it.

What breed of guinea pigs have long hair?

Long haired guinea pigs:D

Do they eat guinea pigs in Brazil?

Guinea pigs were raised by the Incas and have long been used as food in South America.But Koreans eat guinea pigs.

Are there long haired guinea pigs in hetton pet shop?

yes there are long haired guinea pigs in hetton pet shop

How long do teddybear guinea pigs live?

all guinea pigs live 4 to 7 years.

How long do guinea pigs live up too?

Guinea pigs live 4-7 years.

How long until baby ginea pigs can go back in with their dad?

guinea pigs dont need to be taken away from their babies they will not harm their young.

What do you do if your guinea pigs teeth are to long?

Take it to the guinea pig dentist

Do guinea pigs get along with rats?

dont put them together guinea pigs and rats just won get a long

Can guinea pigs be in the same room as poisonous house plants?

Yes, as long as the plants are out of the guinea pigs reach.

How long is a guinea pigs memory?

A guinea pig's memory is long enough to remember who you are, (the hand that feeds it) and what you smell like. Guinea pigs will also remember things they dont like/do like. (eg, if they dont like baths, they will freak out once theyve figured out they're getting one. etc)

How old do the baby guinea pigs have to be until they can eat with the adult guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are normally fully weaned at around five to six weeks. At this time, they can be separated from their mothers and moved to another cage.

How long are guinea pigs nails?

about a cen.long

How long are guinea pigs tail?

They do not have tails.

Can guinea pigs live long?


How long have guinea pigs been around?

Guinea pigs have been around for thousands of years! Pet guinea pigs have been dated back to the 17th Centry even! Seems like ancient humans liked guinea pigs too!

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