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How long was Clara Barton the president of the red cross?


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Clara Barton was a nurse during the civil war not a president. she was called the "Angel of Battlefield".

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About 10 or 12 years, starting in 1881

Clara Barton liked to wear the typical nurses clothes: a long dress, with a white apron with a cross on it, to represent the American Red Cross.

Barton became a teacher when she was seventeen and taught in ... the Red Cross helps the people just like Clara Barton did a long time ago. so there you have it:)

a long dress and a cross on her right shoulder she did not wear shoes

Clara Barton died when she was 90

Clara Barton taugt around 30-40 years.

3 years at lest or when civil war end

Clara Barton went to college for only one year and thn decided to become a teacher

She bin teaching for ten years .

Eleven Years Wen She Started To Be A Nurse.

It was like about 11 years or so:)

She didn't go to school. She was homeschooled and began teaching at 15.

Clara BartonRed Cross WorkWhen Clara Barton saw the Red Cross in European countries when she was there helping in the American Civil War, she decided that the United States of America needs one. She set up the American Red Cross (at first only to help soldiers in the civil war, but it became an organization to help people experiencing other disasters-hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.- as well.) She became president of the Red Cross when she was 60 and resigned from it when she was 83.(She was criticized and encouraged to step down from the position.Women's RightsClara worked very hard to improve treatment to women. Women were not treated with respect or given equal opportunity. They were kind of thought to be worse than men and dumb.(which in my opinion make the people thinking that dumb.) Susan B. Anthony and Clara Barton made a good, strong team to stand up for what is right. To stand up for equal rights for men and women. They picketed outside of the White House for a long time. Woodrow Wilson ignored them as they asked to be treated the way they deserve. Officers from Washington, D.C. arrested the women picketing for "obstructing traffic."(when they only just stood outside the White House gates picketing for their rights and for America) They were sent to jails and refused to eat. They began force feeding the women. They truly were dedicated to helping the USA. Thank them for their contributions to our nation that was once so troubled.

She wore a long dark Green dress With a white school shirt underneath . She also wore a white apron on top with a large Red + (a medical sign) .

Many wounded and ill soldiers died on the long journey to the hospital. Clara Barton thought that they should be nursed on the battlefield. It was a while before they gave her permission because they thought that the battlefield was no place for a woman, but they finally took in her idea and gave her permission.happy

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