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If your naturally hair. If you dye your hair with Kool-Aid. Blonde for a month. Brown for 2-3 weeks. Black for 2 days. Be careful, don't take it longer. It's look cool for your hair.

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Q: How long will Kool aid dye stay in your hair?
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Will kool aid hair dye stay in your hair forever?

No, Kool Aid hair dye will not stay in your hair forever, although it may stay in for many weeks.

When you dip dye your hair with kool aid how long well it stay in for?

at the most a week

How do you use kool aid to color your hair?

You soak your hair in Kool Aid for a while

How long will Kool aid dyed hair stay dyed?

It depends on you. It matters on how much you take a shower, how long you keep it soaked in the kool aid, and the color of your hair. If it is blond it will probable erase in a month but if it is brown probably 2 weeks but if black hair probably 2 days. I have kool aid in my hair right now and i have black hair and since i have light brown high lights it only came out in the highlighted areas. If you have black hair it will only give you a tint of the color you want. The lighter your hair is the longer it will stay.

Can you put kool aid and conditioner in your hair to dye it?

Yes! You mix conditioner and kool aid in a bowl to make a paste, apply it to your hair, wrap in aluminum foil, let it stay overnight, in the morning take a shower with NO CONDITIONER...VOILA! You have kool aid dyed hair!

Is Kool-Aid okay for your hair?

Yes, Kool-Aid is fine for your hair (assuming that you are using it to dye your hair).

How long does kool- aid stay in your hair?

It actually depends if your hair is already bleached it will stay in for about 2-4 days but if your hair is a black or a brown just a dark color than it will stay in for about 1-3 days.

Can you straighten your hair after you dye it with Kool Aid?

yuck, why would wash you hair in kool-aid? What about wasps?

How long does kool aid hair dye last in blonde hair?

it lasts for a month or so :)

Does chlorine change the color of kool-aid dyed hair?

yes, only because kool-aid is not going to stay there forever. also they have a chemical reaction with each other.

How do you get kool aid out of the ends of your hair?

Wash your hair. The Kool-Aid will dissolve and rinse away during any shampoo.

Can you go in the pool after dying your hair with Kool-Aid?

No. The color won't stay and the chemicals in the pool will react to it.

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