Turbo and Superchargers

How long will a supercharger last?

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2012-12-22 21:03:46

Depends on the how hard the vehicle is driven. 99% of all

factory supercharged vehicles are using eaton roots type

superchargers/Positive displacement. Eaton superchargers web site

states, "they are designed to last the life of the vehicle". The

only centrifugal (paxton,vortech,procharger,rotex type) factory

superchargered vehicles (that I know of) are the previous keonisegg

and the Alpina B7Centrifical superchargers. Eaton states that the

oil in the gear case is designed for the life of the

supercharger/doesn't need changing, but say if they are frequently

raced 20k miles cahanges are ok. I know centrifugal types have

problems with drive belt life, especially when pushing higher

boost. Prochargers recommend 6k mile oil changes for thier self

containted oiled superchargers.

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