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How long will a supercharger last?

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Depends on the how hard the vehicle is driven. 99% of all factory supercharged vehicles are using eaton roots type superchargers/Positive displacement. Eaton superchargers web site states, "they are designed to last the life of the vehicle". The only centrifugal (paxton,vortech,procharger,rotex type) factory superchargered vehicles (that I know of) are the previous keonisegg and the Alpina B7Centrifical superchargers. Eaton states that the oil in the gear case is designed for the life of the supercharger/doesn't need changing, but say if they are frequently raced 20k miles cahanges are ok. I know centrifugal types have problems with drive belt life, especially when pushing higher boost. Prochargers recommend 6k mile oil changes for thier self containted oiled superchargers.

2012-12-22 21:03:46
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Does the Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kit 15541 require forged internals?

The Edelbrock E-Force supercharger does require forged internals if you want your engine to last for a long time.

Can you drive a grand prix supercharger without the belt?

Yes, you can drive without the Supercharger belt for as long as necessary.

How you know when you supercharger is gone bad?

The most common and normal signs will be: * Oil leakage from the supercharger * Supercharger making a knocking noise * Lower or no boost pressure * Oil not present inside the supercharger

How far could you safely drive 1999 Pontiac GTP with Supercharger without accessory drive belt?

I think you mean the Supercharger belt? You cannot drive anywhere without your accessory belt... You can drive as long as you want without your Supercharger belt but be prepared for a substantial loss in power.

What is better a supercharger or a procharger?

Procharger is a supercharger. It is a brand of centrifugal superchargers.

Would it be safe to buy a 2004 Grand Prix GTP that has 80000 miles because I don't know how long the supercharger will last... 125000?

I am a used car wholesaler and although I do not know about a 2004 I have seen 98s-01s with 145k or more that the supercharger is still in great working condition so i feel it would be a safe purchase.

What type of oil is used in the grad prix gtp supercharger?

gm supercharger oil for the supercharger. any oil you prefer for the engine oil.

Where at on the engine does the supercharger fluid go?

Depending on the supercharger, it will require a special blend of synthetic oil. This synthetic oil normally is located in the supercharger itself. Most superchargers will have a hex nut located on the front of the supercharger. This area is used to drain and fill up the supercharger oil. You cannot use just any synthetic oil, you will have to use "Supercharger Oil"

How do you install a supercharger on a Ford probe?

Can a supercharger work on a 97 ford probe

Did Silverado SS come with supercharger?

No supercharger. SS stands for Super Sport.

What is the difference from a supercharger and a turbo?

A supercharger is belt driven and a turbocharger is exhaust driven

When was Supercharger - comics - created?

Supercharger - comics - was created in 1997.

How much horse power can you gain from a supercharger?

by using a supercharger u get 30 to 40% more horse power than when compared to an engine with out a supercharger....

Who makes a supercharger for a 4.3L Chevy?

Wynjammer is about the only company that makes a supercharger for the chevy 4.3L. It's a belt driven turbo style supercharger like a Vortech instead of a roots type supercharger like an Eaton or Whipple.

Can you put a supercharger or turbo on a 1300cc civic?

any internal combustion engine can use a turbo or SC, the question is how much $$ and how long will motor last with the added stress. Which will be determined also by how much boost you choose to push.

Can you intercool a neuspeed supercharger?

no you cannot intercool a neuspeed supercharger, a supercharger runs on a pulley not a pipe there is a way to cool them down but its pointless unless you have enough money to do so.

Can you tell me what a supercharger is?

A supercharger is a group of products that add significant horsepower to your vehicle. Generally they are after market modifications, and can be very expensive depending on the type and impact the supercharger makes.

You have lost your supercharger belt for your grand prix gtp 1997 que question is should you just replace the belt or do you need to replace the supercharger if you decide not to replace or fix the be?

You don't have to replace the supercharger you will just have no performence power and bad gas milage, but you will not harm the supercharger. Same thing happen to me, year later I replaced my supercharger belt and supercharger was fine.....dont wait get it fixed dont hurt the GTP!!!!!

Where supercharger button on a 1995 Buick Riviera?

There is no button for the supercharger. The supercharger is always on because it is being driven by the belts of the engine. When you step on the gas, there is a vacuum line that is hooked up to the supercharger in which will close a little valve causing the boost to be diverted into the engine.

Are there any decent supercharger kits out for this car?

Last I heard, "no" but one may be in development. Check out , it's a great resource.

How much horsepower does a supercharger add to a Chevy blazer?

That depends on how big the supercharger is. -it is 7.0 psi-

What type of supercharger is on 2003 mini jcw motor?

Eaton M45 roots type supercharger

1968 camaro ss with 572ci for more hp supercharger vs nitrous?

Go with the supercharger if you can.

1968 camaro with 572ci for more hp supercharger vs nitrous?

Go with a supercharger or a turbocharger.

Could you put a supercharger on a Toyota t100?

Yes, on 1997 and 1998 only. TRD supercharger.