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They'll be there as long as the moon is. Space is a vacuum, there's nothing there to disturb them.

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Q: How long will astronauts footprints on the moons surface remain for?
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Why foot prints made on the moons surface will remain forever why?

because there is no atmosphere which means no wind so there footprints cant be blown away.

How many astronauts have worked on the moons surface?

Around 12 astronauts have worked on the moon.

Footprints on the moon will never go away?

Footprints in the moons surface (so in the dust lying on the moon) will never go away because there is no wind on the moon to blow new dust over the footprints.

What planets have astronauts sent robots on?

"all the planets and there moons" I think he means on what planets surface we send robots.

Will astronauts ever land on Saturn?

No. Saturn is a gas planet. It does not have a solid surface to land on. The most we can hope for is that astronauts might some day land on one of Saturn's moons.

Is there a hole in the moon's surface?

the holes in the moons surface are where astroids hit the moons surface

Where did astronauts land on moon?

The moons equivalent of the outer hebradies

Where have astronauts explored?

Astronauts have travelled to lots of places in space like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went to the moon and other astronauts have gone to lots of other moons like some of Saturn's moons also astronauts have been to the international space station.

Why does the moon have so many craters formed by meteoroids?

The moon has no atmosphere therefore meteoroids do not burnt or fragment, prior to hitting the moons surface. On Earth meteor craters quickly become disguised as weather erosion and foliage camouflage the site of impact. The lack of atmosphere on the moon means that once the impact crater has been made the evidence of it never disappears over time. Recently the use of powerful telescopes has shown that the tracks of the lunar lander and even the footprints of astronauts from the 1970's are still visible on the moons surface.

How did the astronauts not float into space when they walked in the moon?

Because of the moons gravitational force.

How are the moons seen from the surface of Jupiter?

You would not be able to see the moons from the surface; Jupiter's atmosphere is too thick.

What is the earth's moons surface like?

The moons surface is covered with regolith. There are 2 main kinds of surface; maria and highlands. There are lots of craters and dust. the moons sky is always has no air or water

How long will footprints last on the moon and why?

In 7,000 years

How did the invention of the telescope contribute to your knowledge of the moons surface?

the invention helps people see the crators and the maria on the moons surface

Does Pluto have water on it or it's moons?

No, Pluto does not have water on its surface. It does not have water on its moons .

Does Mercury surface has many craters?

Yes it is similar to the moons surface

What features are found on the moons surface?


What are the seas on the moons surface?

Lava flows.

How do meteorites shape the Moons surface?

they damage it

What the moons surface is made of?

rocks and dust

What are dents in the moons surface called?


What is a meteor that strikes the moons surface?


What is known to cover the moons surface?


Where does light reflect from the sun to Jupiter and it's moons?

It reflects from the surface of Jupiter and its moons.

What are the names of Saturn27s moons?

saturn has 62 moons as of 2011 53 of them were named the other nine remain unnamed