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not really sometimes his editors does , and rarely Kishimoto himself does from someone who got replied to once a long time ago

Just go to youtube. And if it takes too long to find it on youtube just type in Zac4uzumaki on youtube. He uploaded it on his channel.

Actually, no he is not (anyway he died and Kishimoto Masashi would have shown us in the manga). Naruto doesn't have any brother.

Actually, yes. I typed it in the search bar and the first name to pop up was his account. The URL is : I know it's long but I think it might be him...or maybe not but still. The Link is also provided in "Related Links" below the question.

If you mean, is the story finished in Japan, then no. Masashi Kishimoto is still writing it, usually updating with one chapter per week. The series probably will not end for quite a long time yet, even in Japan.

i have been using my email adress for a long time but something happen and i cannt get back on facebook.

if you don't know her personally, she either wont write back or it will take a long time.

the answer is it just depends on how long the email is

As far as Kishimoto says, it is 3 ft. in length.

It's unlikely. Most email providers remove reduntant email addresses after a long period of inactivity. For example - Yahoo deletes email accounts that have not been accessed for 6 months or more.

You can email any other email address, as long it is real, with any email, as long as you know that password.

Not yet ;D Naruto hasn't done anything with his romantic interest, whoever it is... (Sakura, Hinata, Sasuke, etc..... you pick) and Matsuri, no matter how much Gaara does or does not like her, is half filler, half canon character. Masashi Kishimoto-sensei has a long way to go before he can start thinking about pairings, even though the war is coming to an end.

all accounts in your email address deleted and forever no going back

An email is just as good as a signed document, as long as the other party did not immediately email back contesting the validity of the email.

If you do not delete your email address, then you can keep it as long as you like.

Well, it depends on who "him" is. As long as the person has an email account, and you know there email address, you can write and send them an email

There is no exact time that someone will answer an email. It can be a minute to never. Many famous musicians and actors have ghost writers. Even if you get an email back it may not be from Justin Bieber.

Yes, you can send an email you have composed as long as there is a recipient email address provided.

It is not guaranteed you will receive a personal response to emails sent to WikiAnswers community advisors and assistants. Keep in mind you can also email support @ with any additional questions.

It's very simple. After you email a person a failure notice will be sent clarifying if there is a user that has that email address, if there is no failure notice then the email is real.An email address has two parts:The domain or destination site is the part after the at sign.The Local-part of the address is before the at sign. It is a maibox id or username of the person with the email address.When you send an email (i.e to, one of the following problems may happen:If does not exist, the email will bounce back with an error message.If exist but username does not exist, the email will bounce back with an error message.If exists but is not accepting emails, the "system" holds the message for a while (hours or days) waiting for the message to get through. he email will bounce back with an error if it takes too long for the message to get through.

It is But just remember that a lot of people are e-mailing him too, so it might take him a long time to get back if he will get back at all.

It is But just remember that a lot of people are e-mailing him too, so it might take him a long time to get back if he will get back at all.

Email me at and ensure that you have a good email address that I can write back to...the answer I am giving is not for a "monitored (possibly creditors) forum.

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