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Q: How long will it take to swim to the deepest point of the ocean?
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Why do great white sharks swim in the ocean?

Great white sharks swim in the ocean because they are very big sea creatures. They need space to swim, and hunt for food. Also, they like to swim near the deepest, darkest, coldest bottom of the ocean.

What aquatic mammal can swim the deepest?

The whale swims deepest.

How long does it take a shark to swim across the ocean?

About a week.

Can anyone swim to the bottom of the ocean and live?

No, no one can swim to the bottom of the ocean and live. At least not in the deepest parts of the ocean. It's just not possible. Just to cite one reason, breathing any compressed gas mixture (and it would have to be compressed) would be fatal long before anyone could get anywhere near the bottom.Not to mention, the pressure would be something like 2000psi.

What ocean can you swim in at calofornia?

In California you can swim in the Pacific Ocean

How do you swim at the sparkling ocean in ameba pico?

You have to buy a swim suit. Then wear it. After that you can swim in the ocean!

How long does it take to walk from England to America?

You will have to swim the Atlantic Ocean first!

How does a starfish swim in the ocean?

can a starfish swim?

What animal can swim the deepest?

well. The animals at the bottom of the sea. I believe

It is safe to swim in the ocean if you are wearing a belly button ring?

Yes, it is safe to swim in the ocean with a belly button ring as long as it isnt infected or has just recently been pierced.

How long will it be till you can swim where the oil spill hit?

It will Not be safe to swim in the ocean water off the coast of Louisiana, where the oil is leaking and it will not be safe, until they stop the well from leaking, which may not be for quite a long time. I doubt it it will be safe to swim in that location (in the ocean) until 2011 at the earliest.

How long would it take to swim to Australia?

it rather depends on your starting point.

What do dolphins swim in?


What ocean would you swim in if you were in california?

The Pacific Ocean.

Which ocean do penguins swim in?

mainly in the southern ocean

What ocean do people in Oregon swim in?

pacific ocean

How do sea turtles get around the ocean?

They swim, or rapid swim.

What ocean do catfish swim?

Catfish do not swim in the ocean, they are found in rivers, creeks, and fresh water ponds.

Is there an abyss in the ocean?

Another name for the deep bottemless ocean is the abyss. but don't go around saying "I'm gonna swim in the abyss!" The Abyss or the Abyssal Ocean Plains is unable to be inhabited by humans with ordinary gear. Plus its like extremely deep. [Actually, the ocean isn't 'bottemless' nor is it bottomless. The deepest part is over 7 miles down, but even there is an ocean floor at the bottom of that. If you could hold your breath long enough to swim that deep, you wouldn't make it far became the extreme pressure would make you IMPLODE.]

What ocean life forms swim?

Life Forms Basically Swim In Each Ocean But, Sometimes Life Forms with Defects Sometimes Can't Swim.

What is a bird that cant fly that can swim in the ocean ans stay dry?

It is impossible to swim in the ocean and stay dry.

What ocean would you swim in if you were visiting Acapulco?

The Pacific Ocean.

What ocean do you swim in if you live in New Jersey?

The Atlantic Ocean.

What is the open ocean?

the open ocean is a place where u can swim

What part of the ocean do polar bears swim in?

The Arctic ocean.