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Hello - This is a slightly difficult question to answer. Some women "sense" they are pregnant a week after conception. But usually a woman cant honestly consider pregnancy until she begins experiening pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms usually occur once the Embryo has implanted in the womans Uterus and has began by releasing HCG into the blood and later on (when you can do a pregnancy test) the HCG will be spilled into the womans urine. The Embryo usually implants 8-12 days after having unprotected intercourse. This is also the same time a woman may experience implantation bleeding. But not every pregnant woman will experience implantation bleeding. Once you begin experiencing pregnancy symptoms you can do a pregnancy test as soon as you miss your period. If you test two - three weeks after having intercourse the test will probably be inaccurate and there wont be enough HCG in your urine to give a accurate result. Because of this, wait until your period is late and do a test. If test is positive, you must see your doctor for confirmation. I hope I have helped you some. If I have then please recommend me. Good luck. :-)

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Q: How long will it take you to notice that you are pregnant?
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