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How long will pain last after a cavity is filled?


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it will not last long it will last atleast 2 and a half hours long


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It usually only takes 8 to 10 hours for your tooth to stop hurting after you have a cavity filled. You can take an over-the-counter pain medication to help ease the pain.

how to help stop the pain in teeth after a cavity has been filled? ^wow that was a dumb@ss answer

You'll feel a slight discomfort from the anaesthesia but after that you wont feel anything. After getting the cavity filled its normal to have sensitive teeth for a couple of days, if the pain is really bad or lasts a long time then you need to go get it checked out

It does not hurt to get a cavity filled. You just feel the vibrations from the drill, but no pain. You should be given a local anesthetic (novocaine which is really called lidocaine, or some variation of that).

Well, I had a cavity filled and what happens is they can give you a choice...either get a injection to numb the pain or no injection. I got the injection and also i ask for numbing gel...is really good and when the injection goes into your mouth you only feel a bit of pain. Then they get a drill to get our the cavity, then the rest is fine. After that you will feel a bit numb and you can't eat from 1-3 hours, but then it will be gone! Hope this helps.

This entirely depends on the cavity. For most moderate size cavities, that don't go too near the pulp (blood and nerve supply to the tooth) you can actually have filled without anaesthetics. You would just feel the vibration and pressure of the drill, possibly a bit of sensitivity- but no sharp pain. However if you have alot of toothache and it is a very large cavity, you may get pain on drilling. The actual filling of a cavity with material is painless, obviously.

Getting the cavity filled, in my experience, was completely painless. First, they put a topical anesthetic, then give you a small shot at the site of the cavity. It pinches a slight bit but not bad at all. This shot numbs the tooth nerves, and as I said, you feel nothing. I just got a cavity filled today and have felt no discomfort. I've had a few cavities drilled and talked to some about the experience. My sister and I have had times when it did hurt to get a cavity filled. The pain would come right at the end of the proceedure, and would only last a quarter of a second, but would be pretty intense. For me, this is how it would always play out at first. When I brought it up to my dentist, she suggested more novicane. That seemed to work, as the next time I got it done, there was no pain. My sister thinks that the pain I describe, however, has nothing to do with the novicane, and is rather about whether or not they happen to "hit a nerve". Anyway, I'm getting four freaking cavities drilled in a week, so after that I should have a better answer. ... I just got those cavities filled. No pain (though I got pretty severely numbed up). Actually, scratch that. No pain during the proceedure, but because I had to get so many shots, my jaw was sore (meaning it hurt to eat solid foot) for about eight hours.

How long does this condition last? I can hardly stand the pain...

Depending on which tooth surface, the size of the cavity, the depth of the cavity, and whether the tooth can be saved, yes it is possible sometimes to have front teeth filled rather than pulled. If the filling can be done but you also have pain, they might be able to do a root canal. If the tooth is broken, it may be easier to do a cap.

Horrible sharp shooting pain through your abdomen that hurts when you bear down or relax your kegal muscles..... The most pain is when you are bearing down to try to use the bathroom (#2). This is also how mine have ruptured in the past, after going to the bathroom. The pain is intense and unbearable for many hours and the pain can last several days. All is dependent upon the size of the cyst, what it's filled with, and how long your body takes to absorb it.

For a cavity to cause pain, it must touch a nerve. Since the only nerves in teeth are deep inside it, you don't notice any pain until the cavity actually gets near the nerve.

That totally depends on the reason you have it.

Usually it does not, depending on your pain tolerance it ranges.Answer to cavity fillingNo, not much. Oh, and there may be a short amount of "stick" pain as she shoots novocaine (sp) in the gum before working. Make sure he/she gives you laughing gas. Then you may feel pressure as she is working. Breathe through it, listen to her and imagine a favorite place you like to go while she is working. Prayer is good too. :-) AnswerA dentist usually uses local anesthetics before removing a cavity so that you don't feel pain at all. After filling the tooth, you might experience some pain to cold for a few weeks.AnswerFilling a cavity doesn't hurt at all. I just had a cavity filled a week ago, and the only thing that hurt was the little pinch when they put the novacine in. But that didn't hurt at all. Just don't think about it a lot, and you won't have any problems. Hope I helped!!AnswerPersonally, i just had 9 of them done two days ago. They'll give you a shot to numb the area first, and then they'll drill the cavity out of the tooth, if this hurts, say something to your dentist and hell give you another shot, and after that it doesnt really hurt at all, just make sure you don't eat anything sticky after you get them. THAT hurts. AnswerThe first two or three times I got a cavity filled, I did experienced pain, even though they gave me novicane. It was odd because I would feel nothing for most it, but the last quarter-second of the proceedure would bring a really intense burst of pain in the area. However, when I brought this up, my mother suggested I tell the dentist. I did, and next time I got a cavity filled, they gave me more novacine. That time, I didn't feel any pain. I'm getting four drilled tomorrow, though, so after that I should have an even better (or possibly worse, depending on how you look at it) answer. ...Just got those cavities filled. No pain (except for the very minor pain of the shots in the gums).

7-10 days of pain occur every month.

Ulcer pain can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours. You should however, go to the doctor right away if you're experiencing ulcer pain.

about a week but it won't hurt alot

This might mean that your bite is off meaning the filling was made to high causing pain due to the unstability....most dentist will allow you to come back in and they will fix it for free!

Usually after a successful procedure pain should be gone after a few weeks.

Kidney pain is not ever a normal condition, and is a reason to seek the help of a physician.

Months to a decade if you are talking about the neuralgia that comes with it

it wont hurt aslong as its not broken

10 seconds, not much pain at all, a pinching pressure if anything.

No. But if the nerve in the filled tooth died after having the filling placed it could cause pain that could mimic a sinus or ear infection. A new filling that is "high" in your bite could also cause sensitivity to biting or cold in a short period of time.

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