how long will the Coronavirus survive in the air?

The virus lives longest on plastic and steel, surviving for up to 72 hours. But the amount of viable virus decreases sharply over this time. It does poorly on copper, surviving four hours. On cardboard, it survives up to 24 hours, which suggests packages that arrive in the mail should have only low levels of the virus — unless the delivery person has coughed or sneezed on it or has handled it with contaminated hands.

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Kaven Wang
1 day ago

With the rapid development of new coronaviruses, many countries have fallen into a crisis of closure, which has seriously affected our normal lives.

We know that the main route of transmission of this virus is droplets of the respiratory tract, so everyone wearing a mask is a very effective protection method, but some unscrupulous businessmen have pushed up prices and sold an ordinary mask to US $ 20, which made many people unable to burden.

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Khaled Miah
March 11, 2020 7:52PM

It will survive for a few minutes (5 to 7 minutes) as oxygen greatly contrasts it and basically destroys it.

But if there is a lot of smoke the coronavirus will multiplicate as it's usually made from wood wich absorbs Coronavirus and will eventuslly spread it.