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Total time about 10 billion years = 3.1556926 × 1017 seconds

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Q: How long will the suns hydrogen last in seconds?
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How long would the Suns initial supply of hydrogen last in both seconds and yrs as it fuses 600 bil. k ea. second total H avail. in its lifetime is 1.8x10 to 2nd pwr?

You are supposed to divide the total amount of hydrogen, by the consumption per second. That will give you the time in seconds. You can then convert that to years, by dividing by the number of seconds in a year.

How many years will the hydrogen in the suns core last?

millions of years

What are the suns main gases?

Hydrogen and helium. Mostly hydrogen.

What is in the suns core?

helium and hydrogen

What gas is part of the suns compositions?


What chemical is the suns energy stored?


When hydrogen fuses with hydrogen what new element does this produce?

When hydrogen is fused in the suns core Helium is produced.

Where atomic hydrogen present mostly?

At the suns and stars.

What is happening to the suns hydrogen and helium?

It's Burning........

What molecule is split by the suns energy?

hydrogen and oxygen

Why do suns hold energy?

Energy can be obtained by converting hydrogen into heavier elements (nuclear fusion). Suns usually have lots of hydrogen, which was available from the early stages of the Universe.

What is the source of the suns energy?

Nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium.