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I just had my lower two impacted wisdom teeth removed and I'm 32 years old !! I would expect at least 7-10 days of swelling and soreness and mild bleeding to occur the first 24-48 hours after surgery. If you take care of the extraction sites and follow the dentists post-op instructions, the healing time is quicker, or at least it goes smoother and you have a smaller chance of infection.

Every one's mouth is different and so is the nauture of the procedure. A more difficult extraction will require a longer recovery period.

All in all, it's going to be sore, it's going to be uncomfortable, the ears and cheeks might hurt a bit, and overall allow at least a week to work through all the soreness and swelling that is involved with any surgery.

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Q: How long will you be in pain if you had four impacted wisdome teeth and two other molars pulled?
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Can you lose your molars?

yes, you can lose your molars just like any other tooth. You want to lose your baby molars, but not the adult teeth.

How many baby teeth do you loose?

All children loose 20 primary or baby teeth and other people need molars pulled because their mouths don't have enough space.

Do you have to have your wisdom teeth cut out?

No, some can be pulled normally like all the other teeth. Not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth removed. They only have to be pulled or surgically cut out if there isn't room for them to grow in, or if there is some other problem with them. But most people keep their wisdom teeth with no problems. I still have all my wisdom teeth, but I had several other molars pulled before the wisdom teeth appeared due to decay and abscesses. That made plenty of room for them.

What is the other name for premolars?

Baby Molars

Why are wisdom teeth more likely than other teeth to become impacted?

As mankind has evolved over the millenniums, the human jaw has grown smaller. The third molars (wisdom teeth) are remnants of a time when the jaw was much larger. Consequently, there often is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to properly erupt, and they become impacted.

Why do you have pain in the back of your mouth by your gums?

The most common causes are related to third molars (wisdom teeth) which may be erupting, causing trauma to the gingiva (soft tissue), or developing, but impacted, putting pressure on the bone or other teeth. If one is impacted, but exposed to the mouth, infection of the surrounding gingiva (pericoronitis) is common, and can become a very serious problem. Caries (decay) or periodontitis (gum disease) commonly cause pain around the other molars (back teeth). There are numerous less common causes: cysts, tumors, soft tissue or bone diseases, etc. See your dentist.

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What type of teeth herbivores have?

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How can you tell by looking at teeth if an animal eats grass?

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Are wisdom teeth attached to the jaw bone with ligaments like molar teeth?

Yes, they are no different from other normal teeth. They erupt usually after the age of 14. They are like other molars and have the same structure. The only difference is the eruption time which makes it difficult to erupt as most of the needed space is being occupied by the other molars.

Do kids loose there meat chewers teeth?

The front teeth are lost and new ones will grow in. The molars just in front are also lost. The back molars are not replaced by other teeth.

What do cows back teeth look like?

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Why do wisdom teeth need to be pulled out?

Wisdom teeth do not always require removal. Many people have wisdom teeth that have erupted normally and have not caused any problems. In some cases, however, wisdom teeth may be impacted. This means that there is not enough space in the jaw for the teeth to come in normally or to come in at all. Impacted wisdom teeth can become infected or interfere with other teeth. To prevent such problems impacted wisdom teeth are often removed.

Why do you need to get your wisdom teeth taken out?

This is a common misconception about 3rd Molars (Wisdom teeth). Not every person who's third molars come in will need to have them removed. Sometimes they grow in perfectly normal in alignment and position and therefore do not present a problem. However, should the molars come in crooked (impacted) or have a high risk of pushing other teeth out of alignment, then they will need to be surgically removed. The main reason for third molar extraction is because of the reasons listed above, not only can they cause periodontal infections, they can cause other teeth to be pushed out of alignment, causing damage to not only the sockets but nerves. If a dentist says they should be removed, ask to look at the x-rays, If you see the teeth all the way in the back on top and bottom are sideways or crooked, then he's right. If you notice they are perfectly straight (like your normal molars) then the need for removal can wait.

Independent vs dependent varibles?

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Trouble swallowing after wisdom tooth was pulled?

Signs and symptoms depend on the difficulty and type of surgery. If the tooth is not impacted in bone, surgery impact on swallowing will be mild. on the other hand, if the wisdome tooth is deeply seated in bone, this will ncessetate surgical flap and bone removal which will make swallowing difficult for few days after surgery. This is mainly because the muscle of the pharynex (superior constrictor muscle) has close relation to the soft tissue posterior to the wisdom tooth (retromolar region) which is usually incised during surgery. Swallowing can be improved by using analgesics, mouth gargles with hot salty water the day following surgery.

Can invisalign be used with an impacted tooth?

There are many case scenarios and impacted teeth, in some cases Invisalign can be used, as can regular braces. There are also other cases that an impacted tooth must be extracted before attempting to use Invisalign or any other brace.

Is it possible to make your teeth crooked by your wisdom teeth if they are already straight mine are growing towards my teeth?

Your wisdom teeth will most likely make your other teeth crooked if they are impacted and growing sideways in your mouth..they also make it harder to clean the teeth that they are impacted into (your molars) Get them pulled out before this becomes a bigger problem An impacted wisdom tooth is very painful and often only continues with brief periods of relief from the pain by a couple months. You do not want to end up in the emergency room over this which will charge you a pretty penny and be starving at the same time because its impossble to eat your in so much pain. If your wisdom teeth are pulled what will happen is that the front teeth will be able to space out in the front by filling up the space that was once the crowded wisdom teeth in the back. This should always be done by a professional or at the very least a dental school because clinics that just pull teeth can often make mistakes like breaking teeth which lead to infections.

Are the bottom front teeth called molars?

the bottom front teeth are incisors, a single-rooted teeth with a sharp, thin edge. they are designed to cut food without the application of heavy force. molars are much larger, usually having 4 or more cusps. the function of the 12 molars is the chew or grind up food. maxillary & mandibular molars differ from each other with their shape, size & number of cusps, & roots.

Broken ends are pushed into each other?

Impacted fracture

Do you lose your k nine teeth?

You do lose your canine teeth along with other baby teeth. They generally fall out in the order they came in, with the center incisor teeth first, followed by the first baby molars, then the canines, and the second molars. They grow back.

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Do molars grow twice?

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