How long will you have to go to school to become a surgeon?


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it depends on what type of surgeon but it will take up to atleast 12 years atleast 8 to 13 years of college

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After completing your school you will require another 12 to 13 years to train as a Neuro surgeon

8 years after high school and 4 years after college.

you have to go to college to become a surgeon. In high school take all the college prep classes you can

some of them go to school for ten to fifteen years

It takes 7 - 12 yrs to become a oral surgeon, it depends which school or hospital you go to.

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you have to go to a specialized medical school, but you have to know how to spell surgeon before you can do that!!

Typically, to become a surgeon, you would need a four year college degree and a three year medical school degree. After that, there would be internship, surgical residency, and possibly a fellowship before practicing.

There is no one specific university for this, you simply go to medical school and go into a plastic surgery residency.

Depending on what field of expertices you are looking for, it may vary from 3-8 years, the level of which you have chosen to study will hinder how long you will need to be a qualified surgeon.

around ten to fifteen years of a four year college and med school

Keep your grades very high, go to college and then medical school, and they'll be sure to tell you from there what the requirements are for you to become a heart surgeon!

go to school during summer, or choose a different job, to become like a surgeon or doctor you have to go to school for a certin amount of time to get like a degree

how many years of school do you need to become a seismologist

you need to go to college for 4 years. then you go to medecal school for about 6 years

you have to go to medical school, complete 1 year internship then residency with a fellowship in ophthalmology. they are called ophthalmologist!!!

you need to go to med school. do that for a while then you can choose an area to get into, but be warned surgery is bloody competitive.

High school classes do not count towards becoming a surgeon. What makes high school important is that you are setting the foundation for getting into a good college for your freshman year. You need to take the college prep classes, keep a good GPA, do some community service, and become involved in your high school in some way. The colleges looks at these factors when students apply. Do well in college and you can apply to medical school to become the surgeon you want to be.

you would have to go to school for 15 more years unless not needed.

You'd have to completely finish school and go to uni for about 4 years!

Get a four-year college degree, go to medical school for three years, then specialize in surgery with further study.

LASIK surgeons go to med school, do a residency in ophthalmology, and most do a corneal and refractive surgery fellowship.

Yes you can if you go to medical school and get a degree. Also you have to fill out a application to PENN STATE. Hope that helps.

Hello are there online courses you can take to become a neurophysiology technician. What type of courses do you take. How long do you have to go to school.

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