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Over 9,000 years, approximately.


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A giant squid can live up to five years. Female giant squid die soon after releasing her eggs. Male squids can mate through out their lives.

a giant squid is very long

Some giant squid have grown to 43 feet long.

The lifespan of a regular squid is one to two years. a giant squid lives for 4 years

giant deep water squid can be over 20 meter long

gripping prey and bringing it closer to the squid

One example would be a Reticulated Python. Another would be a Giant Squid.

Estimates suggest that giant squid can grow up to 33 to 43 feet, for males and females, respectively. However, they are only the second largest squid. The colossal squid can grow up to 46 feet long.

Since squid lay eggs, their young are hatched, not born.

nobody knows somesay he never found the giant squid 135 years later.

Compared to a whale, a giant squid can get up to about 50 ft. long. This certainly rivals the size of a whale but when comparing the enormous size of a giant squid to a whale, consideration has to be given to the incredible length of the squid's tentacles.

The colossal squid of Antarctica is the longest invertebrate. The colossal squid can grow Up To 45 feet long. The giant squid is the second largest living invertebrate and can grow up To 35 feet long. The largest invertebrate in the fossil record was the Tusoteuthis, which was similar in length to the giant squid--up to about 35 feet long.

The squid is known as the ice cream cone of the sea because they are a favorite food of many ocean dwellers.All squids are carnivores.the colossal squid, mostly known as the giant squid, eat whales when he can "take them down".Squid can live in fresh water, and saltwater.Squids can range from 24 inches long to more than forty feet long!

squids are big fat blobs with 8 long blobs.

A squid has an elongated head that has eight arms and two tentacles attached. Most squid are under 24 inches long, although the giant squid can grow up to 43 feet long.

As long as the human is served with chips and Salad

T-Rex because a squid can't be on land too long or not at all and a t-Rex is stronger but it has small arms so it would be harder well a squid just uses its ink to blind it

I think it is the Giant squid. The largest giant squid ever measured was 59 feet long, and they also have the largest eyes, about the size of a human head.

ok... but i think humans never had seen and observed for a long period of time a squid in action

around 27 feet for females, less for males

The portuguese man of war can be larger. The portuguese man of war grows larger than the giant squid because its poisonous tentacles can be up to 165 ft long. Giant squids are up to 50 ft long.

Giant kelp live in the bottom of the ocean, or benthos. They are long and can be meters long. :)

anywere as long as its cool

Yes the largest one was 59 feet long and weighed a ton.

squids grow to nearly 60 feet long.....

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