How long would it take an asteroid to hit the sun?


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It would depend entirely on how far away the asteroid was from the sun. Furthermore, which sun are you referring to? There are many suns in the solar system.

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It would depend on the size of the asteroid.

This may take some hour or minute... Asteroids that will hit a Planet in a seconds, are very rare and very fast. I don't know if there is a very fast asteroid so I answered "This may take some hour or minute"

An asteroid, being primarily composed of metals of vaious kinds, would melt and be vaporized long before making contact with the surface of the sun.

No telling. It could hit anywhere.

I'm pretty sure, that the asteroid might have hit one or two, but the majority would have been missed.

An asteroid would hit earth first

an asteroid hit the dinosaur and killed them

the asteroid hit mars in 1824

If the asteroid is more than about 5 miles in diameter, the devastation would be worldwide. There would be nothing that anyone could do.

No. Occasionally an asteroid is knocked out of the asteroid belt and some of those asteroids eventually hit Earth, but the asteroid belt as a whole will not hit us.

What asteroid? There were several.

Where an asteroid would hit would depend on its trajectory when entering Earth's atmosphere and whether it would hit anything would depend on how much of it burned up during entry.

If an asteroid were to hit Earth, it could do HUGE damage. It was the changes to Earth after an asteroid hit that killed off the dinosaurs. But if we knew about an asteroid heading our way long enough ahead of time, maybe we could change it's course enough to make it miss, and save millions of lives.

They would hit the surface together, after a very long time. Gravity on Ceres is pretty light.

Yes, if a 10 km diameter asteroid hit the Earth anywhere, everyone would be affected.

No. The moon is large enough that even a collision with the solar system's largest asteroid would not destroy it.

The ball would travel in a straight line until it hit some planet, star, black hole, asteroid or comet, which could take billions of years.

A black hole would eventually swallow up the entire Earth. An asteroid would provoke great catastrophes - depending, of course, on the mass of the asteroid.

no it was not an asteroid that hit the earth, it was kevins big mouth

yes but that would add energy to the moon's orbit

It all depends on the density of the objects. Unlike in the Star Wars movies, the asteroid belt is not that dense so you would not likely hit an asteroid.

usually an asteroid decintigrates before it hits the earth. If an asteroid hit the Earth depending on its size, the smoke and debris of the impact would block out all sunlight to Earth. It would become unbearably cold and most life would die out. This is a theory of how the dinosaurs went extinct.this is right

Yes. An asteroid probably hit Siberia, in Russia, in June 1908.

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