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Q: How long would it take to walk from Portland Main to Long Island New York?
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What is the main island for tourists?

I don't know but maybe Long Island where the Statue of Liberty is

What type of crabs are invading long island sound?

the main crab that is invading the long island sound is the japeniese crab

Where is the Portland Preservation Foundation in Portland Tennessee located?

The address of the Portland Preservation Foundation is: 103 Main Street, Portland, TN 37148-1217

Where is Portland Maine located in relation to Sweetwater Texas?

Downtown Portland Main is Northeast of Sweetwater Texas

What are 3 main cities in Norway?

Three famous cities in Nicaragua would be the following:1.Granada2.Managua3.Leon

Who is the main power company for Portland OR?

The main power company for Portland, OR is Portland General Electric, covering a 4,000 square mile service area including a large part of North and North West Portland, plus all of South Western Portland (with the exception of some downtown areas) plus all of South Eastern Portland (with the exception of a small area around South East Stark).

What is the smallest island on Hawaii?

Of the eight "main" islands that would be Kaho'olawe.

Which island has the largest US city onit?

New York is the largest city in the US. It is located on two main islands: Long Island and Staten Island.

Main most important?

Portland is the economic capital in Maine. Portland has a large port and is close to Boston. It is the most populous city in Maine. As of the census of 2010, there were 66,194 people in Portland.

What is the length and breadth of Singapore's main island?

The main island of Singapore is approximately 42 kilometers long and 23 kilometers wide, covering a total land area of about 721.5 square kilometers.

What is the second youngest island in Hawaii?

Among the "main" islands, that would be Maui.

Which island is the main one in japan?

The main island is called Honshu.