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24 hours

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Q: How long would it take to walk from Richmond va to charlottesville va?
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How do you get to Charlottesville VA from Richmond VA?

I-64 West to VA 20 into downtown US 250 West near downtown US 33 West to US 29 South to Charlottesville

How long does it take to drive from Atlanta GA to Charlottesville VA?

It will take 8 and 30 mins to get to charlottesville from atlanta (509 miles).

How long does it take to drive from Charlottesville VA to the airport in Richmond VA?

It is 79.3 miles and an estimated 1 hour and 29 minutes of driving time according to Google Maps.

How long did it take to travel from Charlottesville VA to Richmond VA before we had automobiles?

That's 72 miles. You could hike it in about 24 hours or ride a horse in about 6 hours.

How long does it take to drive from Charlottesville to Miami?

The drive from Charlottesville, VA, to Miami, FL, should take between 16-17 hours.

What is distance between charlottesville and Richmond?

Given is the calculated distance as well as the driving travel time, which does not take into account driving conditions, traffic, etc. The distance between Charlottesville, Virginia and Richmond, Virginia is 70.8 miles. The resulting travel time is 1 hour and 26 minutes.

How long does take to get to Richmond VA?

From where

How far from reedville Va to charlottesville Va?

150 miles taking this route:Take U.S. 360 WEST from Reedville to I-64 WEST to CHARLOTTESVILLE via I-295 NORTH to bypass RICHMOND (bear right onto I-295 NORTH ; EXIT 53A off I-295 to get onto I-64 WEST to CHARLOTTESVILLE).Take I-64 WEST to CHARLOTTESVILLE.

How long will it take to drive from Charlottesville VA to Disney World?

12 hours

How long would it take to get from Richmond VA to Sacramento CA in an airplane?

It would take 5 hours and 15 minutes to get from Richmond, VA to Sacramento, CA in an airplane. This doesn't take any layovers into account.

How long does it take to get mail from Richmond va to Norfolk va?

2-3 days for first class.

How long does it take to travel from rochester ny to charlottesville va?

7 hours and 48 minutes

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