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How long would it take to walk from the east coast to the west coast?


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Lets see... its around 3000 on average from coast to coast of the continental US. So if the average person walks one mile in 20 mins... that's 3 mph. so 3000/3= 1000 hrs of walking. divide that by 24 1000/24 and you get 41 and 2/3 days of walking, non stop. If you actually stopped for sleeping eating etc, it would take much longer. It depends on who's doing the walking. Is it a trained hiker with a good backup team and lots of money? In that case, he can cover as much as fifty miles a day. (Someone else makes sure he has food and places to rest along the way.) If it's a wandering hunter-gatherer who needs to scavenge for food as he goes, five miles a day is more likely. Also, the distance from the east coast to the west coast is not uniform. Pick specific spots on a map, check the distance between them, and divide by the number of miles per day you've decided is apropriate. (Remember that there are obstacles like the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains that can only be crossed at certain points.)