How loud are cockatiels?

Updated: 10/8/2023
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Well, my tiel Joey sings when he's on my shoulder....i'm glad he's happy to be there, but he's deafening! i want to break him of this, but i don't want to stop him from chirping and singing altogether.

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I have ten budgies and i can tell you that they are pretty loud ! Because there are so many birds flying by my birdy(s) tend to go crazy. SO if you are looking for a quiet bird then yeah... Budgies go mad

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Q: How loud are cockatiels?
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Do cockatiels have parasites?

Yes, cockatiels can get parasites.

What subclass do cockatiels belong to?

Cockatiels are a type of cockatoo.

What class do cockatiels live in?

Cockatiels are parrots, and members of the cockatoofamily.

Do cockatiels have a lump on their throat?

Cockatiels should not have a lump on their throat.

Can cockatiels live with baby chickens?

No, cockatiels should only be housed with other cockatiels. Not only do other types of birds have different types of diets, but they also have different personalities and will sometimes clash with cockatiels.

Can cockatiels be white?

Answer: Sure, they can. When cockatiels are white, they are either of the Lutino breed, or they are albino.

What percentage of cockatiels are male?

62% of all cockatiels sold in stores are males.

Do cockatiels travel in groups?

In their native habitat, cockatiels do flock with other cockatiels. This is a natural behaviour which is primarily for defence against larger birds of prey.

Can cockatiels eat crackers?

Cockatiels can eat crackers, except they make them put on weight. They have no nutritional content in crackers for cockatiels. Despite the movies where birds eat crackers, cockatiels eat vegetables and seeds (as a treat). Your cockatiel should eat everything in moderation. As for crackers, as an occasional treat - cockatiels love them!

Why do cockatiels sing to inamiment objects?

Cockatiels sing if they want attention or if they are happy and content.

What are the types of personality do cockatiels have?

Cockatiels love attention and can be very sweet if they are handfed as babies.

Can cockatiels eat biscuits?

Yes as long as it doesn't have a lot of butter or anything