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How loud is 40db?

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March 09, 2013 5:51PM

It is between a whisper and a normal conversation.Threshold of hearing0Don't hear anythingBroadcast studio interior or rustling leaves101/32nd as loud as conversationQuiet house interior or rural nighttime201/16th as loudQuiet office interior or watch ticking301/8th as loudQuiet rural area or small theater401/4th as loudQuiet suburban area or dishwasher in next room501/2 as loudOffice interior or ordinary conversation60Ordinary ConversationVacuum cleaner at 10 ft.70Twice as loudPassing car at 10 ft. or garbage disposal at 3 ft804 times as loudPassing bus or truck at 10 ft. or food blender at 3 ft.908 times as loudPassing subway train at 10 ft. or gas lawn mower at 3 ft.10016 times as loudNight club with band playing11032 times as loudThreshold of pain12064 times as loud as conversation (twice as loud as night club)