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The magma gushes out and then it flows every where. The volcano has vents that let air come out. When the vents open steam/ smoke comes out of those vents.

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Q: How magma inside a volcano becomes a lava flow outside?
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Is lava in outside of a volcano?

Yes, lava is on the outside of a volcano. Magma is on the inside of a volcano.

Is lava in the magma?

Lava is when it's outside the volcano, magma is when it's inside of the volcano.

How are volcanoe and magma related?

Inside a volcano is magma, and when it is spewed out it becomes lava.

Contrast magma to lava?

Magma is inside of the volcano and has molten rock in it. To where lava is outside the volcano and does not have as much molten rock in it as Magma does.

What is a thick gooey molten material inside a volcano or deep inside earth?

Magma is inside the volcano, and it becomes lava when it comes out. :)

What is the process on how magma flows inside and outside a volcano?

First, the magma breaks open rocks underneath the volcano. Then, it flows up through cracks of the volcano. After it is all the way to the top, the volcano erupts. Then the magma and lava flows outside the volcano.

What is inside a volcanoe and outside a volcano?

Outside the volcano is rock. inside the volcano is rock, and, in an active volcano, magma (known is lava when it reaches the surface) hope this helps! poopmonkey love u

What is the zone of magma?

the zone of magma is in well a volcano. it can also be on the outside of a volcano but there it turns into lava. so it's mostly always going to be inside a volcano

Is lava magma?

yes. magma is the lava that is in the volcano and lava is the magma that is outside a volcano

What liquid rock pours out of a volcano?

lava or magma because magma is the molten rock inside the volcano and lava is the molten rock that's on the earths crust or outside of the volcano.

What happens when there isn't any magma in the magma chamber of a volcano?

the volcano becomes extinct

Magma becomes lava when it reaches a volcano's?

Magma Chamber

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