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It's my understanding that the 1965s were medium-risers.

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Q: How many 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 w 427 R code were produced?
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How many 1964 ford galaxie 500 XL r codes were produce buy ford?

none, 'r' codes were not xls Ford did produce R Code Galaxie's for 1964 I wish they would have kept records but I've been told the production for that model is low. Wrong! My dad has a numbers matching 1964 Galaxie 500 XL R code in his shed, it is waiting to be restored. It is extremely hard to find any info on production for these! They are very rare! A guy my dad went to high school with had the SOHC version of this car. Unfortunately he totaled it, they were way overpowered for street use. This guy stopped at our house regularly begging my dad to sell his XL R code. It sits in a shed untouched. It hasn't been on the road since 1970. It even has the factory optional, column mount FoMoCo tachometer! I'm supposed to inherit this car. I wish I knew more about it. My dad loves to tell how he outran six Dodge cop cars with it in 1969. I just found a link that says 2,450 were produced, I don't know how accurate this number is

How many 1963 Galaxie 500 w 427 R code were produced?

Ford introduced the 427 high performance engine in both a single four barrel version at 410 horsepower and a dual four barrel carburetor at 425 horsepower. This engine option was offered in a very limited number of 1963 Galaxies. Sorry but I can find no production numbers.

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