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How many 1970 browning bar 7MM Belgium made were produced?


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Your browning safari bolt action rifle was made in 1970.

your browning sweet sixteen was made in 1935.

Your Browning auto-5 shotgun with the prefix of 70s to the serial number identifies that your shotgun was made in Belgium for Browning in the year 1970.

The prefix of L70 indicates that your Browning safari bolt action rifle was made in the year 1970.

With the serial number that you provided,your Browning Sweet Sixteen shotgun was made by FN of Belguim for Browning in the year 1949.

Yes.All Browning shotguns made prior to the year 1976 were Belgium made shotguns.

Yes.All Browning shotguns made before 1976 were made and assembled in Belgium.Miroku of Japan began production of Browning shotguns in 1976-1997.

It is plated. Less than $5 at today's prices

what is the year made and value of ser. #'s 7g 10367 &236272 Belgium browning

Yes, Browning has made the Superposed Lightning in Belgium.

Japan, Portugal and Belgium

What is an A-5 light 20 Belgium Browning made in 1961 worth

With the serial number that you provided,your Browning 16 gauge auto-5 shotgun was produced in the year 1929.

Browning imported guns never did say "fabric en belgium". Those guns that were made by FN were all stamped "made in Belgium" on the barrels, for those guns that were made for Browning. There are Browning patent guns made by FN that were sold outside the US and not imported by Browning that may have said fabric, but not on a Browning Arms Co. gun. Browning stopped production on the A5 in 1976 when production began in Japan. Any gun no matter when it was made in Belgium would be stamped made in belgium. Different models were made at different times and production by FN varied as to when they ceased.

The suffix of M71 was assigned to the Browning model BAR(Browning semi-auto rifle) which was made in the year 1971 in Belgium for Browning.

Fabrique Nationale in Herstal Belgium made all of the Browning Belgian guns, even after 1950.

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