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How many 1 foot rulers would it take to equal 1 yard?

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3 feet to 1 yard, making it 3 1 foot rulers to equal 1 yard :D

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How many centimeters equal one foot?

As most rulers will show, there are about 30.48 centimeters in a foot.

How many you foot rulers would it take to equal 5 yards?

Well a yard is 36 inches, Theres 12 inches in a ruler so 3 rulers = 1 yard (12 x 3 = 36) So for 5 yards.. 3 (rulers per yard) x 5 (yards) = 15 foot rulers So 15 foot rulers are in 5 yards

How many 1 foot rulers equal to 4 yards?

3 feet = 1 yard 4 x 3 =12 rulers

How many 1 foot rulers equal 2 yards?

Six. There are three feet in one yard.

How many rulers is 4 feet?

It depends on how long the ruler is, but most rulers are 12 inches and 12 inches=1 foot...so the answer would be 4 rulers for 4 feet...thats a lot of fours :) I am presuming you are using 12inch rulers so as there are 12inches in a foot you will need 4 rulers

How many rulers do you need to get 6 feet?

Assuming each ruler is a foot long, then you would need 6 rulers to total 6 feet.

How many 1 foot rulers laid end to end would it take to equal 9 yards?

it should be 27. there are 3 feet in a yard and 3 times 9 equals 27.

How many meters is 1 million rulers?

Rulers that are metrically marked are normally 1 foot or about 30.48 centimeters.1 x 106 rulers that are 30 cm long would measure 3.0 x 105 meters or 300,000 meters.1 x 106 rulers that are 1 foot long would be 304800 metersaltogether.

How many Digits on a pigeon?

4 digits on each foot which would equal 8 digits in all 4 digits on each foot which would equal 8 digits in all

How many of rulers lined up end to end would equal 6 meters?

Rulers can be 6 inches long, 12 inches long, 1 meter long, ...

How many inches in 1 foot 2 inches?

One foot is equal to 12 inches. The answer would be 14 inches.

How many 12 inch rulers is 6 feet?

6 (SIX) rulers! One foot equals twelve inches!

How many cm equal foot?

30.48cm = one foot.

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