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Q: How many 25 centimeter lengths of cord can be cut from a roll that holds 10 meters?
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Pouch that holds the testes and spermatic cord?


What is the definition of a rocketshock cord?

If you are talking about hobby rockets, then the shock cord is what holds the nose cone and the parachute in

How many meters in 2 cord?


Which body cavity contains the brain and the spinal cord?

the cranial cavity holds the brain and part of the spinal cord

What is a pouch that holds the testes and parts of the spermatic cord?

It is called the "Scrotum".

The is a pouch that holds the testes and parts of the spermatic cord Its muscular activity regulates the temperature of the testes?

The scrotum is a pouch that holds the testes and parts of the spermatic cord. Its muscular activity regulates the temperature of the testes.

Is a sky cable a cord which is at least 3 ft long?

A sky cable cord does have a cord that is at least three feet long. In fact the cable cord lengths can very. they can reach up to eight feet long, which is alot in terms of cable cords.

Cavity that contains the spinal cord?

The Vertebral Cavity This answer Above is WRONG... It is the dorsal cavity! both answers are technically wrong.. the dorsal cavity holds both the cranial and spinal cavities. the cranial cavity holds the brain and the spinal cavity holds the spinal cord.

What structure holds the testicles?

The testicles are housed in the scrotum and are suspended by the spermatic cord.

What holds the testes in place?

Though the scrotum encloses the testes and protects them, what actually holds them in place is a a single bundle of tissues called the spermatic cord. Each testis then receives its blood supply through the spermatic cord.

What is an ethernet media converter used for?

The converter is basically an extension of your ethernet cord. You can find them in several different lengths.

How long is the cord on this?

The cable length on this product is 3 meters long.

Is it harmful to plug an extension cord into another on identical to it?

Not in general. You can buy extension cords in a variety of lengths. However, the longer the cord the more the resistance and the bigger the voltage drop across the length of the cord. If you were using the cord outdoors and the junction was on the ground it is possible for moisture to cause a short at the junction.

A unit of volume?

There are many. a cubic foot, a cubic metre, a gallon, a litre, a cord of wood, and so on. A cubic centimeter.

Is there any way such as an extension cord to make a PS3 wired controller cord longer?

There are USB to USB cables (male to female) that should work just fine, available in various lengths.

Do HDMI cables come in different sizes?

Yes they do. They vary in size depending on what you need to connect them to. Different companies offer different lengths, so you can compare lengths and prices before you purchase a cord.

What action does the spinal cord do?

The spinal cord is like the paint and walls of a house. The spinal cord holds everything together and it can be really dangerous if you break your spinal cord. One way to feel your spinal cord is press down on the back of your neck and you'll feel weirdly shaped bones.

Why is a backboneimportant?

it keeps you standing, and it holds your spinal cord. Neurons are sent through the spinal cord to send and receive messages from the brain. That is part of your nervous system.

Is it possible to use an extension cord on an electric dryer?

It's possible but not a good idea. The cord itself would have to be custom made. It would be a better idea and the same amount of work to just by a longer cord. They are sold in various lengths and easy to install.

What is an ethernet cord?

An ethernet cable is used in computer and internet connections and is available in different lengths and is also called an Ethernet Cable

What is the purpose of a cord restraint?

A cord restraint helps to prevent tension that is placed on a flexible cord from pulling on the conductors inside it. The simplest cord restraint is a clamp that firmly holds cords in place as they enter or exit a box of some kind. But more often the term cord restraint refers to a thing made of wire that gets tighter on the cord as tension is placed on it.

How do you can be safe in a earthquake?

have extra food and basic household supply ready.Also cover the back of your spinal cord and go under a table.the cord is what holds your head and back together

How much wood in a cord?

A cord of wood is generally 8 feet long, 4 feet tall, and 4 feet wide. The wood is cut into 16 inch lengths. The amount of wood in the cord varies depending on the type of wood but the wood must occupy a space of 128 square feet.

What is candle wick made of?

A candle wick is string, cord, or wooden object that holds the flame of a candle. = Wiki

What is the role of the uterus muscle?

helps the embryo through the three stages, it holds it and attaches the placenta(umbilical cord).