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How many 4 x 36 vinyl planks to cover 345 square feet?

Each 4" X 36" plank is equal to 1sqft so you would need at least 345 planks but I would get a 360 to make sure there was enough for errors

How many wooden planks do you need to make a boat on minecraft?

to make a boat on minecraft you need to use 5 wooden planks.

How many steel nails and planks do you need in the Dragon Slayer Quest?

3 planks and 90 nails.

Why cant you make a crafting table in minecraft?

You can. You just need to have wooden planks in a 2x2 square.

How do you make a torch on minecraft?

You need to convert logs into planks, then planks into sticks. Place however many sticks you want underneath the same amount of coal and you will get that many torches.Assuming you mean torches, place a piece of coal or charcoal in the square above a stick.

How many wooden planks do you need for dragon slayer in runescape?


How many 16in square tile you would need for 368 square feet?

about 276.

How many 6x36 planks do you need to cover a 16x12 room?

First, find the square footage of a 6" x 36" plank. 6 x 36 = 216 square inches. There are 144 square inches in a square foot (12" x 12" = 144). So divide 216 by 144 to get the square feet per plank. 216 / 144 = 1.5 sq ft per plank. Your room is 16' x 12'. Multiply the two numbers to find square footage of the room: 16 x 12 = 192 square feet. You have 192 square feet, using planks that are 1.5 sq ft each. 192 / 1.5 = 128 planks. Generally, you will want to add from 5% to 10% for waste, depending on your layout (is it one big room, or several smaller rooms with lots of cutting?) (are you doing a straight layout, or diagonal?) and your skill level. If in doubt, add 10% to be safe. 128 planks + 10% --- that's 128 x 1.1 = 140.8 planks.

155 inches by 150 inches how many meters would you need?

You would need 15 square meters.

How do you make trap doors in Minecraft?

You'll need some wooden planks, any type works. You will need 6 wooden planks, and fill the bottom two rows with wooden planks, and leave the top row blank. For a visual crafting recipe and more crafting recipes, see the "Related Links" below!

How many cookies would you need to make a square that has four cookies on each side?

You would need 12 cookies to make a square with four cookies on each side. If you want to fill in the center of the square, you will need 16.

How many pavers would you need for 168 square feet?

That would depend on the size of the paver.

How many feet would you need to cover 9 square feet?


How many feet are needed to make 433 square feet?

Square feet= feet! if you know how many feet you need, that's the same number as square feet.Ex.)you need 433 sq. would need 433 feet.

10 x 12 tiles and you need to make a square how many tiles would you need?


How many stones do I need for 169 square ft if the stones were 16x16?

You would need 96 stones.

How many tile 12x12 will i need for 49 sq ft?

12X12=1 Square Foot of tile. You would need 49 Square Feet of tile.

How many square tiles of 20cm will cover a floor area one square meter?

You would need 25 (5x5).

If the deck is 5.4 meters by 4 meters how much decking lineal meters do you need?

The area of a rectangular deck is found by multiplying it's width and length. In this case, a 5.4 by 4 meter deck would require 21.6 square meters of material to cover. ------ The above is true but you asked about how many linear meters of decking you would need to cover this area. To answer this you would need to give us width dimension of the decking planks that you were thinking of using.

How many 12 x12 bricks would you need for 1500 square feet?


How do you make a boat in minecraft?

you need 5 wooden planks. fill the bottom row with planks. then, put 2 planks (the last 2) on the sides in the middle row.You'll need five wooden planks.Recipe:O OOOOLegendO = Wooden PlanksTo use a boat, walk over to an area of water, then right click to place the boat in the water, then right click on the boat to get this while using crafting benchyou need no wooden planks at the top lineon the middle line one at each sideand full at the botem

If you had 2.25 square feet in tile and needed to fill in 56 square feet how many more tile would you need?

Another 53.75 square feet of tile would be needed.

How many wooden planks do you need to make a bookshelf in minecraft?

You need six (top row and bottom row on a crafting bench) with three books inbetween.

How many 12 X 12 tiles for 75 square feet?

If the tiles are 12x12 inches square - you would need... 75 !

How many squaresin 244 square meters?

Literally 244 - if the square is 1 metre x 1 metre A smaller square would need more of them.