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Area of each tile = 6 ft * 6 ft = 36 square ft

Area to be covered = 325

Number of tiles required = 325/36 = 9.03 = 10

That is the mathematical answer. In real life the number of tile required will depend on how "well-behaved" the shape is, what proportion of offcuts can be used.

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How many 8 x 8 square feet ceramic tile will it take to cover 64 square feet?

As 8 feet x 8 feet = 64 square feet it will only take one 8 feet by 8 feet tile to cover 64 square feet.

How many 16x16 square feet tile will it take to cover 326 square feet?

16x16 square feet = 256 square feet, so two tiles will suffice.

How many 2ft x 2ft squares will it take to cover 168 square feet?

A 2ft x 2ft square is 4 square feet and 42 squares will be needed to cover 168 square feet.

How many 2 x 2 square feet tiles will it take to cover 99 square feet?

Each tile covers 4 square feet. You will need 24.75 tiles to cover the area.

How many 13.5 x 13.5 square inch tiles does take to cover 1850 square feet?

It will require a minimum of 1,462 tiles. That number will cover about 1,850.34 square feet.

How many gallons of paint will cover 1659 square feet?

It will take approximately five to six gallons of paint to cover 1659 square feet. The general rule is 300 to 350 square feet out of a gallon of paint.

How many cubic feet does it take to cover 238 square feet?

This is not a correct conversion. Cubic feet is a measure of volume while square feet is a measure of area.

How many 20 x 20 square feet tile will it take to cover 506 square feet?

20*20 square feet tile = 400 square feet, so in principle, two tiles will cover 800 square feet, which is more than enough. This is provided that the offcuts can be used.

How many 12X12 inches tile does it take to cover 400 square feet?

12" x 12" = 1 square foot. 400 of them are required in order to cover 400 square feet.

How many 9x9 in tiles to cover 9 square feet?

Each tile covers 81 square inches. You have 1,296 square inches to cover. It will take 16 tiles to cover that area.

How many 12x36 square feet vinyl tiles it take to cover 210 square feet?

I'm going to assume that the tiles are square inches, rather than square feet. But they can be converted to 3 square feet, which means 70 of them would cover the space if it were perfectly rectangular. Get 80 to be safe.

How many 3x6 tiles will it take to cover 77 sq feet?

616 3x6 inch tiles are needed to cover exactly 77 square feet.

How many 12x12 square feet tile will it take to cover 1200 square feet?

A A 12x12 sq feet tile covers 144 sq feet. So to cover 1200 sq feet you will need 1200/144 = 8.3 or 9 tiles.

How many bags of .5 cubic feet of gravel would it take to cover about 200 square feet of area?

It would take roughly 66 bags to cover a 200 square ft area 2 inches thick

How many yards of carpet would it take to cover a room that is 12 feet by 29 feet?

You will need a minimum of 38.6 square yards of carpet to cover that area.

How much sod will it take to cover 1000 Square feet of land?

1000 square feet of sod, or 111 square yards

How many tiles wil cover 1650 sq ft?

If the tiles are 1 foot squares, it will take 1,650 of them to cover 1,650 square feet. If the tiles are 16 inch square (1-1/3 square feet, each), then it would take 1,238 tiles.

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