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You normally need to have 3 A-levels to get into uni, however sometimes 2 is fine. i predict that on the odd occasion 1 might be okay if you get a really high score, as unis go by ucas points. If the uni you applyed to didnt require many points one A- Level may be okay. There is also the possibilty of doing an acsess course into uni which is something completely different.

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Q: How many A levels are required to get into university?
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How many band required for Manitoba university?


What is the SAT score required to get into Cambridge?

they usually require A-levels or IB. SAT is not recognized for acceptance at Cambridge university.

Information required in levels of management?

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How many years are required to be in Princeton university?

To obtain a bachelor's degree from Princeton University usually requires four years. Additional time is required for an advanced degree.

What GCSE qualifications do you need to become a Anthropologist?

For GCSE it is not that important what you take. The best thing to do is to look at university websites and find out what A-Levels they require. Then choose GCSEs that are relevant to (and allow you to take) the required A-levels.

How many O levels are required to get into university?

Usually 6 O'level's and 3 A'level's are minimum required to get into a university, but you can take as many as offered. I personally took 8 O'Level's followed by 5 subjects in AS level and 3 in A level, but remember taking too many subjects can burden you, even if you take less subjects but get A's are much better than taking a lot of subjects and getting B and C's. Hope it's helpful

What is the ACT score required to get into the University of Alabama?

The ACT Score required to get into the university of Alabam is 21.

How many O Levels do you need to enter medicine in the university of science and technology in US?

In the United States, Medicine is a graduate-level course. That means you have to have a university degree to apply for it. On the bright side, US universities do not generally know what O Levels are, so if you have a good enough undergraduate degree, they won't care how many O Levels you have.

Where is the Teluq University located?

The Teluq University is located in Quebec, and offers more than 400 subjects and 75 academic programs in many academic levels and in many professional fields.

How many credit hours are required to graduate with a masters from the university of Michigan?

Ask your advisor

How many A levels do you need to get into university?

well, at my school, i am studying A level History, English Literature, Drama and Art and Design, so it would usually mean that you need 4 A/O Levels. And it also depends how many UCAS points you need for your chosen course at university :) x

What is the GPA required to get into University Of Arizona?

2.0 Gpa is required

What SAT scores are required to enter Harvard university?

S.A.T.'s of 700 and above on all levels including critical reading , math and writing will get you looked at but will not guarantee admission.

What GPA is required for university of phoenix?

You will be required to have a GPA of atleast 3.5

Is it required to register before plus 2 result to Anna university?

No it is not required actually.After your get your +2 result apply to Anna university

What percentage required for bba in Karachi university 2011?

what percent required in bba in karachi university my percentage is 55.75 please inform me

What GPA is required to get into Washington Lee University?

Generally, a GPA above a 3.6 is required, with many honors/AP/IB courses. However, the required GPA can be lower for athletes and minority students.

How many years of schooling is required to become a nuclear physicist?

4-6 years from the start of University

How many essays are required for application into University of Virginia?

1 Personal Essay and 2 Supplement Essays

Gpa for George Washington University?

George Washington University is located in Washington D.C. There is no minimum required GPA required for admission to the college.

What percentage required in B.COM from Karachi university Evening?

tell me what percentage is required from karachi university

What can you get with a mathematics AS?

Generally, to get many jobs, all you need is a GCSE in mathematics and English - however depending on the job, other people are likely to be more qualified... An AS level in mathematics is not a large step up from GCSE and so it doesn't open many doors - if you are studying for A levels and applying for university however, the only qualifications you would have would be GCSEs and AS levels, and so your AS levels will help your application for university.

What is the SAT score required to get into Mississippi State University?

The minimum SAT score required to gain admission to Mississippi State University is 770. An ACT score of 16 or higher is also required.

Is college A'levels?

No, college is Gcse's university is A levels.

What act score is required to get into Mississippi State University?

The act score that is required to get into MS State University is a 20.