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I'd love to be able to give you a completely accurate answer, but am unable to at this time. From the information I've gathered, it appears that the United States' total aircraft losses in WWII were about 60,000. Roughly 45,000 of these would have been lost in combat theaters, and about 15,000 in training accidents in the US.

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Q: How many American aircraft were lost in World War 2?
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How many American aircraft were lost in Vietnam War?

Approximately 2,000 fixed wing aircraft were lost; approximately 5,000 rotary-wing aircraft were lost.

How many American aircraft were lost in the Battle of Midway?

About 150.

How many American aircraft carriers were lost in battle of coral sea?

One, the Lexington.

How many planes were lost during pearl harbor?

The Japanese lost 29 planes; the AMericans lost 188 planes; most of the American aircraft were destroyed on the ground.

How many aircraft were lost in the Battle of Midway?

According to the International Midway Memorial Foundation, a sum total of 437 aircraft were lost. 292 aircraft were lost by the Japanese. 145 were lost by the Americans.

How many raf aircraft were lost in World War 2?

38,462 from RAF bomber comand only.

How many aircraft were lost in desert storm?

About 38 coalition fixed wing aircraft were lost; of which 15 were from accidents. About 23 helicopters were lost; of which 18 were from accidents.

How many air crafts were lost in Pearl Harbor?

Japanese lost 29 aircraft on the attack on pearl harbor The Americans lost 188 aircraft on the ground and in the air.

How many aircraft did the Germans lose?

Figures vary depending on sources, since records were not accurate.Typically:In the First World War Germany lost an estimated total of 27,640 aircraft and 5,950 pilots. Both in training and on the frontlines.In the Second World War Germany lost 118,875 aircraft and an unknown number of pilots. Germany lost 45% of its entire airforce on D-Day.

How many American soldiers lost their lives in world war 1?


How many planes in world war 2 were shot down?

Approximately 4,234 US Navy/US Marine Corps Aircraft; 4,533 US Army/Air Corps Aircraft were lost in the Pacific/CBI Theaters. Approximately 20,000 US Army/Air Corps Aircraft were lost in the ETO theater; approximately 20,000 US Aircraft were lost to accidents & operational causes IN THE UNITED STATES.

How many Japanese aircraft were lost in Pearl Harbor attack?


How many losses in the battle of Britain?

Britain lost about 700 aircraft.

What were the human costs of world war 2?

many innocent American lives were lost

How many American lives were lost in ww11?

American lives lost in ww11

How many American lives were lost in World War 1?

There were 117,465 American lives lost in World War 1. Less than 1000 of these were civilian deaths, as opposed to Europe where 7 million civilians were killed.

How many of Japan's aircraft carriers were lost at midway?

Four fleet carriers

How many people got killed in the battle of Guandalcanal?

Allies: 7,100 dead 4 captured 29 ships lost 615 aircraft lost Axis: 31,000 dead 1,000 captured 38 ships lost 683-880 aircraft lost

How many American lives were lost at Pearl Harbor?

2388 lives were lost (American)

How many sank at the Battle of Midway?

The United States lost one aircraft carrier and one destroyer during the battle. The Japanese lost four aircraft carriers and one heavy cruiser.

How many passenger aircraft in world?


How many aircraft carriers are there in the world regardless of nationality?

I know the United States has 9 aircraft carriers. Rest of the world??

How many American aircraft carriers were lost in World War 2?

During World War II the United States operated 24 Aircraft Carriers (Designated CV), 9 Light Aircraft Carriers (CVL), and 77 Escort Aircraft Carriers (CVE). Losses were as follows: CVs Lost Four (4): CV-2 Lexington CV-5 Yorktown CV-7 Wasp CV-8 Hornet CVLs Lost One (1): CVL-23 Princeton CVEs Lost Five (5): CVE-21 Block Island CVE-56 Liscome Bay CVE-63 Midway CVE-73 Gambier Bay CVe-95 Bismarck Sea Thus a total of ten (10) aircraft carriers of all types were lost. Note the Navy's first aircraft carrier Langley was also lost but was considered a seaplane tender at the time being redesignated AV-3. All data from Samuel Eliot Morison, History of U.S. Naval Operations in WWII, Supplement and General Index.

How many and what types of coalition aircraft were lost in both gulf wars 1 and 2?

Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988)-Approximately 380 Iranian & 232 Iraqi fixed wing aircraft were lost. Operation Desert Storm (January & February 1991)-Approximately 40 US fixed wing aircraft were lost, 28 to combat and 12 lost to accidents. Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003 to present)-Approximately 20 fixed wing aircraft have been lost.

How many aircrafts did Germany have in World War 2?

Luftwaffe was the German Wehrmacht's aerial defense force. During the entire period of second world war Germany produced a total of 119,871 aircraft for use by Luftwaffe. Germany lost a large number of these aircraft during the war.