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How many American soldiers died in world war one? i have no clue says the combat ministrator How many American soldiers died in world war one? i have no clue says the combat ministrator

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The number of Americans who died in combat is 2,757,196.

Approximately 405,000. This was 275,000 combat deaths, and 130,000 non-combat deaths. These were aircraft crashes, vehicle crashes, and other accidents.

As far as I know there weren't any. The Russians had women in combat roles, but I do not think the US did. Sorry, there were women in the US military, but not in combat roles is what I was trying to say....

40000 died in combat and 15000 in non combat activities

It is dedicated to all Marines who have died in combat since 1775.

543 American service women died in World War 2 .

American deaths since the Revolutionary WarAbout 1,200,000 Americans have died since the Revolutionary war.

30,000 on ground and in air combat

There is website link with a report titled American War and Military Operations Casualties: List and Statistics, published February 2010. It covers principal wars and combat actions but not all combat actions. It is a Congressional Report, so it is probably updated regularly.

1733 died as a result of combat. 11,550 died as a result of other causes, disease being one.

A total of almost 1,000 African-American men were trained as pilots in Tuskegee. 355 went overseas and 84 were killed in combat or accidents during the war.

12,513 killed in action, 38,916 wounded, 33,096 non-combat losses

About 320,518 died in WW1 and about 500,000 died in WW2

The remembrance poppy has been used since 1920 to commemorate soldiers who have died in war. Inspired by the World War I poem "In Flanders Fields", they were first used by the American Legion to commemorate American soldiers who died in that war.

An exact number is unknown, but the best sources indicate 25,000 soldiers died for the American cause. However, an estimated 8,000 died as a result of combat, as the rest perished from other means, such as disease and infection while in service.

110,000 soldiers died in World War 1.

Approximately 164,000 Confederate soldiers died from disease and other non-combat causes during the American Civil War. Dysentery alone killed 50,000 confederate troops.

Roughly between 55,000 to 60,000 men died during the Spanish-American War. About 90 percent of the men died of malaria or other diseases while 10 percent died either in combat or later from wounds sustained in battle.

Those who died were the number of casualties

No veterans died. A veteran, by definition, is a survivor.

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