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I believe that the latest count was over 3 million Americans served in the armed forces during ww2. Note that only 1 out of 6 was a combat soldir. It took 5 soldiers to keep 1 soldier fighting.


The Armed Forces grew to 16,000,000 from farms, towns, and cities all across the US.

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How many men volentarily enlisted for England during World War 1?

2 million enlisted to fight for the war in 1914.

What three groups of people had the british enlisted to fight against the colonists?

slaves, mercenaries, and native americans

What countries did Americans fight during world war ll?


Who did Americans fight during World War 2?

They fought the Nazis, Japanese, and Italians.

Did the Japanese Americans fight for the United States during World War 2?


On which side did Arabia and Egypt fight during World War 1?

Egypt fort with the Americans i think?

Did any non German born Americans fight for Germany during World War 2?


Did African Americans fight during World War 2?

There were close to 1 million African American soldiers that fought with the allied troops during World War II. Prior to 1941 African Americans were deemed unfit for war and were not allowed to fight on the front lines.

Why did African Americans fight during World War 2?

Because they wanted to defend their country and free those that were oppressed.

What side did the Indians fight for during the war?

Native Americans

Who did Tecumseh fight with during the war of 1812 and why?

He fighted with the Americans

Who was the youngest person to fight in world war 2?

Calvin Leon Graham. He enlisted in WW2 at the age of 12.

During World War 2 how did the Americans fight both the Japanese and the Nazi alliance?

The Americans fought with determination and unbreakable spirit. As a result the Americans were able to obliterate the Japense and destory the Nazi alliance.

Who did the African Americans fight for during the revolutionary war?

they fought for the Americans but all died in battle

How did events during world war 2 lay the groundwork for African Americans to fight for civil rights in the 1950s?

because of how well African americans did durintg the war they started to fight for equal recognition which set up civil rights

How many people enlisted to fight in World War 2?

In the US it was about 6,332,000 or 38 percent of the Armed Forces.100,000 :|]

What opportunities did the Japanese-Americans have during World War 2?

Either live in the Japanese Concentration/Internment camps or fight in Europe.

Which side did turkey fight on in world war 2?

The Americans.

Why did some Americans choose not to support World War 1?

During the first world war, some Americans might have chosen to remain neutral because they believed that it was Europe's fight, and should therefore leave them to fight it. Americans may also not have the strong ties to England (as England's allies did), because of the American Revolution that happened only decades earlier?

World War 2 Where did they fight in Britain?

where did they fight in britain during world war 2

Was Canada last to join the allied powers?

If you're talking about WWII, no; many Americans enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces to fight, until the U.S. was attacked and joined the war.

How were African Americans grouped during World War 2 in the military?

alot because they wanted to help fight for their county too, so blacks were allowed to enter the war...and fight on the front lines.

Did Americans fight in trenches?

Americans fought in trenches in several wars, but mostly in World War 1.

What is one reason why Navajo men enlisted to fight in World War 2?

One reason Navajo were enlisted was because they were extremely useful as code talkers. They had a code spoken through their native language that was never broken.

Did any Americans fight as Nazis in World War 2?